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How to Beat Cobalt Lavaback in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Cobalt Lavaback Art
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How to Beat Cobalt Lavaback in Wild Hearts

Wait, aren’t you supposed to be an Ice monster?

When a Fire Kemono such as Lavaback transitions into a colder climate in Wild Hearts, one would think it’d trade its Firepower for Ice as other creatures do. And yet, the raging Fire monkey with orange flames opted to become the raging Fire money with blue flames, and gains the new monicker of Cobalt Lavaback. It can be a little tricky to overcome too, which is why we’ve written this guide on how to beat the Cobalt Lavaback in Wild Hearts.

How To Defeat Cobalt Lavaback In Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Cobalt Lavaback Boss Fight
Image Source: Omega Force and EA via Twinfinite

As one would expect, the fight with the Cobalt Lavaback in Wild Hearts is more or less the same as the original, with a few minor differences. The blue flames are beautiful to look at, but they serve as more of a cosmetic means of standing apart from other variants.

That said, there is one key difference between the original and this variant, which is a move that allows the Cobalt Lavaback to swim in fire. On occasion, the behemoth will shoot out a puddle of blue flames and dive into them. Shortly after, it will re-emerge from a different location to try and attack you.

This attack is tricky to deal with at first but not unbeatable. You can’t damage the Kemono when it enters the pool, but hiding behind a Bulwark fusion Karakuri will protect you in most cases from the next attack. It won’t spam this attack either, so you don’t have to deal with it too often compared to its normal moves.

Keep in mind it also shares the same weakness to Water-based weapons and has the head as its most significant weak point, although you’re more likely than not be aiming for its legs and back. Otherwise, after enough damage is dealt, the Kemono will become Enraged and begin the second phase of the fight.

How to Beat Cobalt Lavaback Enraged

Wild Hearts Cobalt Lavaback Enraged
Image Source: Omega Force and EA via Twinfinite

The Enraged state of the Cobalt Lavaback is virtually the same as the original too, trading all of its previous orange-flamed attacks for blue. The only exception now is the occasional swimming-in fire attack, which will now hit harder than before.

However, this attack can be easily avoided by either a Bulwark Karakuri or a well-timed dodge. You can also stall out the Enraged mode to literally “cool off” the Kemono, causing it to stand still briefly and give you an opportunity to dish out enormous damage.

Before long, the beast should fall before you and become another notch in your belt.

And with that, you know everything we have to share regarding how to beat Cobalt Lavaback in Wild Hearts. Be sure to check out our latest Wild Hearts guides like how to increase Stamina, as well as our other related articles down below.

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