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How to Slice a Dangling Dugbog in Hogwarts Legacy

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Image Credit: Avalanche Software

How to Slice a Dangling Dugbog in Hogwarts Legacy

This Dueling Feat is toadally cool.

Most of the time, players may want to eliminate their enemies as soon as possible, but Hogwarts Legacy has found a way to entice players into performing tricky moves during combat. You may receive various Dueling Feats during your trips in the Highlands, and you can get one when facing massive magical toads called Dugbogs. If you don’t know how to slice a dangling Dugbog in Hogwarts Legacy, this guide will greatly help you.

Hogwarts Legacy Slice a Dangling Dugbog Dueling Feat Guide

Hogwarts Legacy Dangling Dugbog.
Image Credit: Avalanche Software via Twinfinite

You can find many kinds of Dugbogs in Hogwarts Legacy, like Great Spined and Cottongrass. Unlike other magical creatures in your Vivariums, these massive toads can be very mean and will not hesitate to attack you without warning. Thankfully, they usually stay near bodies of water, so you can easily avoid them by keeping your distance from the rivers.

These creatures mainly attack by lunging toward you like a bullet, but sometimes they will also strike using their ridiculously long tongue. You can complete the Dueling Feat by waiting for the Dugbog to launch the second move.

When the monster opens its mouth wide, instead of dodging the strike, you can use the Levioso spell, which will cause the Dugbog to float. It will only remain there for several seconds, so you need to quickly cast Diffindo and slice the creature.

Since Dugbogs prefer to hang around in groups, you may have to deal with at least two of these monsters during a battle. You should try to eliminate other opponents and keep one alive. This should allow you to take your time completing the challenge and avoid taking unnecessary damage. After all, these toads seem to never skip leg days and can move like Olympic athletes.

That is the end of our guide on how to slice a dangling Dugbog in Hogwarts Legacy. You should now be able to beat those overly aggressive toads easily and complete the Dueling Feat. If you need more help with the game, be sure to check out our articles below.

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