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How Much Does Sons of the Forest Cost? Answered

Sons of the Forest Guide
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How Much Does Sons of the Forest Cost? Answered

Or you could just go outside and die in a real forest for free.

Sons of the Forest is out, and it has already caused quite the stir as eager outdoorspeople take to the woods to craft structures, do battle with hideous creatures, and take in the crisp, fresh air. If that sounds like something you’re into (in a gaming sense), then you might be keen to know: How much does Sons of the Forest cost? You might not be, but then I doubt you would have clicked this article, so I’m hedging my bets.

What is the Price of Sons of the Forest?

Out now in early access on Steam, Sons of the Forest is currently available for $29.99 USD. This was initially confirmed by the developers on Twitter, and places it roughly in the same price range of its predecessor.

Needless to say, this cost applies to American markets only, and is subject to change if the title arrives on other platforms. At this stage, no further release details have been revealed, and if the original Forest is any indication, it would seem unlikely that further editions would be announced.

With that said, Sons of the Forest has seen incredible success in a quick span of time, eclipsing 2 million sales within 24 hours of its early access release on Feb. 23. Such a boon could influence release plans, from collector’s editions to DLC packages. Again though, this is purely speculative, especially at this early juncture.

So now that you know how much Sons of the Forest costs, are you sold? Or will you wait for a cheeky sale down the track before taking the plunge? In the meantime, there are plenty of related links below to entice your purse strings.

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