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How Many People Play Valorant? Answered

Valorant Mobile to drive esports growth

How Many People Play Valorant? Answered

Valorant will only grow in size.

Valorant is a popular first-person competitive shooter inspired by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but utilizes more specialized weaponry and unique abilities. Developed and published by Riot Games, this free-to-play competitive shooter has taken the gaming community by storm since its release in 2020. If you are an avid gamer or someone who stays up-to-date with the latest releases, then you’ve probably heard of Valorant. However, despite its popularity as an Esport, many people still ask the question– how many people play Valorant?

Valorant is a title that stays active with its community of players, content creators, and professional teams, contributing to the game’s massive success. With time and more releases across various platforms, you will see Valorant’s popularity only grow.

It is evident that there is something unique to Valorant when you compare the gameplay directly to CS:GO, even though it is inspired conceptually by the Counter-Strike franchise. Still, some inspiration with the 5v5 precision-based FPS combat system is apparent. However, it simultaneously offers unique features, such as the use of activated shields and abilities that can change the situation of the game on a dime.

  • Abilities: Unlike CS:GO, Valorant has unique tactical abilities that each player can use during a match. These abilities can provide advantages such as area control, damage, or movement modifiers, which are not present in CS:GO.
  • Gunplay: Valorant’s gunplay mechanics differ from CS:GO’s. In Valorant, the guns have easier-to-control recoil patterns; you don’t have to pull down as much as you would with an AK-47 in CS:GO. Also, while the gunplay is still precise, the controls are tighter in Valorant and take less adaptation.
  • Visuals: Valorant has a more vibrant and colorful visual design than CS:GO, which has a more realistic look.

Another factor distinguishing Valorant from other popular first-person shooters on the market is that it is only available on PC, although console and mobile launches are pending. Despite this limitation, the game’s community continues to grow, with over 20 million monthly active players.

Furthermore, Valorant’s Esport program has taken the game to new heights, with casters like Dryad exponentially raising the game’s popularity. The competitive scene is multiplying rapidly, and the addition of franchised teams in 2023 is expected to attract even more players and viewers. Valorant’s popularity on streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube is also rising, with many gamers worldwide streaming their gameplay and others tuning in.

Valorant is a unique FPS that stands out among other popular competitive games on the market. Its innovative gameplay, weaponry, and tactical abilities make it an exciting game to play. Despite currently only being available on PC, the upcoming console and mobile launches are expected to attract even more players. With its growing community and ambitious esports program, we can expect Valorant’s popularity and how many people play Valorant only to rise.

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