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How to Levitate a Dugbog by Its Tongue in Hogwarts Legacy

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Image Source: Avalanche Studios

How to Levitate a Dugbog by Its Tongue in Hogwarts Legacy

Nobody should have a tongue that long.

Hogwarts Legacy spices up wizarding combat by providing various challenges players can complete during battles. While most Dueling Feats are easy to understand and perform, some can be tricky and may require several attempts. If you wonder how you can levitate a Dugbog by its tongue in Hogwarts Legacy, you have come to the right place.

How to Complete Levitate a Dugbog by Its Tongue Dueling Feat

Like other combat challenges, timing is the key to accomplishing this Dueling Feat in Hogwarts Legacy. After you manage to find a Dugbog to become your target, you must first keep your distance from this aggressive creature. Then, you need to wait for it to launch the correct attack.

What you are looking for is a deadly move where the Dugbog will try to pierce you with its long tongue. The game may prompt you to launch Protego and shield yourself, but do not press that Y button. You must instead cast the Levioso spell, which will cause the creature to float in the air.

Hogwarts Legacy Dugbog.
Image Credit: Avalanche Software via Twinfinite

Of course, if you fail to launch your spell in time, you will receive a heavy hit from the creature’s tongue. Finding a lone Dugbog in the wild may be wiser if you do not have a quick reflex. After all, trying to complete a challenge while being attacked by several murderous giant frogs is not an easy and fun time.

Hopefully, this guide has answered your question on how to levitate a Dugbog by its tongue in Hogwarts Legacy. You can check out our articles below if you need more help completing other Dueling Feats, like how to flip a Dugbog on its back in Hogwarts Legacy.

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