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How to Get Heavenly Harmony in Lost Ark

Character screenshot in Lost Ark
Image Source: Tripod Studios

How to Get Heavenly Harmony in Lost Ark

Soothing heavenly harmonies for a harmonious relationship with NPCs.

Heavenly Harmony is one of many collectible songs in Lost Ark. It’s a bit tedious to get and also requires some grinding because it is a chest drop. Everything boils down to RNG with this song, so here’s how to acquire this melody.

How to Grind Group Quests in Harmony Island

Map showing how to get heavenly harmony grind quests in Lost Ark
Image Source: Tripod Studios (via Twinfinite)

The Heavenly Harmony is only available as a chest drop in the event quest at Harmony Island. If you can’t get this song through the chest, you’ll have to return to the island once the event is active again. Here are the steps for acquiring the chest:

  1. Go to Harmony Island. Procyon’s Compass will help you check the location on Adventure Island or use this interactive map. It is near Rohendel.
  2. Participate and preferably party with other players to take on the event quests. These are:
    • A Pure Sound– Transport Sacred Spring Water 80 times to a flower.
    • A Fragrant Sound– Gather 300 Fragrant Pollens.
    • Harmony? Help!– Play Serenade of Love 80 times.
  3. Once you’ve cleared each task, you will earn either of these chests:
    • Chest of Aromatic Sound
    • Chest of Clear Sound
    • Chest of Harmonious Sound
    • Chest of Sparkling Sound
  4. All of these chests have a chance of dropping the Heavenly Harmony song. Sometimes you get lucky, and you get it on your first chest. If not, check Procyon’s Compass to see the next scheduled event for Harmony Island.

What Is Heavenly Harmony Used For in Lost Ark?

Now that you’ve pulled your hair out and finally got the Heavenly Harmony, you’re most likely excited to know its uses. You can use Heavenly Harmony to increase rapport with an NPC in Lost Ark. Increasing rapport with an NPC translates to “Rapport Quests” being available.

It’s still a difficult way of building rapport with NPCs. However, we suggest getting the Heavenly Harmony song if you’ve run out of rapport gifts. If you’re curious about the best machinist builds, then take a peek at our guide.

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