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How to Fix the Unrecoverable Error in Fortnite

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Image Source: Epic Games

How to Fix the Unrecoverable Error in Fortnite

Let’s make that unrecoverable error, recoverable!

If you’re wondering how to fix the unrecoverable error in Fortnite, this guide will run you through all the potential solutions you can try to get yourself back in the midst of the Battle Royale action.

Fortnite experiences crash here and there throughout its lifetime. However, one of the most notable crashes you’ll get is the annoying “Unrecoverable Error.”

Possible Fixes for Unrecoverable Error in Fortnite

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Image Source: Epic Games

Epic Games immediately delivered a patch to Fortnite after this problem interrupted gamers’ playtime. However, if you’re still experiencing this error, try out some of the solutions we have here:

  1. Ensure Fortnite is up-to-date on your PC: The hotfix patch has been out since this issue occurred. If you encounter this problem, you may have an outdated Fortnite game version.
  2. Contact an Epic Games representative about your problem: Epic Games representatives are somewhat helpful regarding problems like these. Make sure to send every piece of crucial information, including your PC specifications and minute details like open programs (if there are any) that might have caused Fortnite to display this error.
  3. Reinstall Fortnite’s Anti-Cheat software: Users have reported that reinstalling EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat) resolved their issues. You could try this out, as this won’t hurt your system.
  4. Reinstall BattlEye: Another anti-cheat system that you can reinstall is BattlEye. BattlEye may be a bit finicky regarding overall seamless cheat detection and can induce errors like this.
  5. Update all of your drivers: Updating all of your computer drivers essentially help at times when there might be conflicts between programs and drivers.
  6. Verify Fortnite files through the launcher: You can try to repair Fortnite’s files through the Epic Games Launcher. If your version of Fortnite has corrupted files, the Epic Games Launcher will redownload and replace them.
  7. Reinstall Fortnite: If none of the above procedures worked, the last resort is to reinstall Fortnite. A fresh install might be needed to help the program run smoothly.

That’s every fix you should try if you’re having trouble opening Fortnite. We highly do not recommend formatting your PC, as this takes too much time, and you even risk losing your personal files if you did not back them up correctly. If Fortnite is the only game acting up on your system, it’s most likely that Fortnite is to blame.

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