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Hogwarts Legacy Becomes GTA Thanks to an Awesome Azkaban Mod

Avada Kedavra Spell
Image Source: Screenshot via jedijosh920 YouTube Channel

Hogwarts Legacy Becomes GTA Thanks to an Awesome Azkaban Mod

Wow, Azkaban really does change you.

Given that Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t have a good or bad pathway for the main protagonist, players can freely do whatever they want without any consequences. Yet, a new mod from the creator, jedijosh920, changes this approach by incorporating a wanted system similar to the famous mechanics of the Grand Theft Auto series.

One of the first impressive feats of the mod is the fact that you can actually use Avada Kedavra on students while on school grounds, which is an addition Josh has been working on since the game initially came out. However, these crimes now have repercussions as the high-powered Aurors, the trained officers of the Ministry of Magic, apparate into the castle to take you down.

After casting the deadly Unforgivable curse, players will catch sight of a warrant for their arrest in the artwork style that pays homage to Sirius Black’s wanted poster in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. During this time, you’ll need to fend for yourself as multiple Aurors will unleash potent spells in order to take you to Azkaban prison.

But, if you didn’t get the chance to see Azkaban in your playthrough (since there is only one house that can go there by normal means), you can get an inside look within a jail cell once the officers arrest you for your horrible misdeeds.

By including this mod in your game, it produces a more realistic experience, especially since the use of Avada Kedavra is strictly forbidden in the Harry Potter universe. So, if you want to see this wanted system in action, you can check out jedijosh920’s Patreon. You can also look at even more cool creations with our top 10 best PC mods for Hogwarts Legacy.

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