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FF7 Crisis Core: Reunion Level Cap, Explained

Crisis Core Reunion Level Up Page
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FF7 Crisis Core: Reunion Level Cap, Explained

In FF7 Crisis Core: Reunion, Zack’s level cap isn’t 1 but it also isn’t “over 9,000.” So, just how high is it?

Final Fantasy 7 has seen something of a resurgence over the last decade in one way, shape, or form since its initial release in 1997. First there was an abundance of remasters/ ports of the original game for multiple platforms including mobile phones, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3 and 4. Then came 2019’s full-blown remake of FF7, which led to that version being rereleased on PS5. And of course, the release of Crisis Core Reunion, which was merely a remaster. In the game, you play as Zack Fair, a member of the ill-fated SOLDIER group who also was one of the initial wielders of the Buster Sword. As is the case in many Final Fantasy games – the sky is essentially the limit (break). However, the game does have a level cap. So, here is the level cap in Crisis Core Reunion.

What is the Level Cap For Zack In Crisis Core: Reunion? Answered

Although Zack is the only truly playable character in Crisis Core, he is not alone by a longshot. Throughout his journey, he can “borrow” power/abilities via “Digital Mind Wave” or DMW from his comrades including Sephiroth, Cloud, Angeal, Tifa, and more (not to mention super overpowered and badass summons). It adds a bit of variety into the one man show and a sort of slot machine type of variety. However, for all intents and purposes, Zack’s level cap is 99 in Crisis Core Reunion, which is rather commonplace for Final Fantasy games. 

While it won’t max out your stats completely, it will get them most of the way there. To get them even higher, there are specific items/equipment players will need to find. These include items like the Genji Armor which allows Max HP of 9999 and Brutal Accessory which allows players to output 9999 points of damage to enemies. 

Finally, your only real way to get to this level is to utilize the aforementioned DMW mechanic, which operates as a slot machine of sorts whereas players will have to hit three 7s. Although the results are randomized, there is one way to increase your odds of leveling, which is gathering a LOT of experience points. These can only be obtained through defeating enemies, so this can be a bit of a grind. Just know that while the maximum XP/HP/AP climbs accordingly, the other skills are a bit of a slow burn and may take a while before players see an uptick. 

So, there you have it. We hope this helped to shed light on what the level cap is in Crisis Core Reunion. It will take a while, but if you are familiar with Final Fantasy games – this again is pretty normal. While we wait for the second part of the Final Fantasy 7 remake, we have plenty of related Crisis Core Reunion answers, including the identity of the man in the coffin.

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