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Is Wild Hearts Cross-Play & Cross Save? Answered

Wild Hearts
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Is Wild Hearts Cross-Play & Cross Save? Answered

Can you cross-save me from the monsters?

Wild Hearts is the newest title in the EA Originals line, and it serves as a collaboration between EA and Koei Tecmo. A fantasy adventure game set in medieval Japan, this new Omega Force-developed co-op game will be very online-focused, which raises questions as to whether it will offer cross-play. Here’s what we know about whether Wild Hearts has cross-play and cross-saves.

Is Cross Play Supported in Wild Hearts Explained

Wild Hearts does indeed have cross-play features. The game is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S and both companies are working to ensure that there are no hurdles to jump through when connecting to other platforms.

That means that you and your friends, or even strangers, will be able to enjoy the adventure and hunt monsters via co-op, no matter what system each player chooses to play the game on.

Does Wild Hearts Have Cross-Save? Answered

Unfortunately, while it does support cross-play, Wild Hearts does not have cross-save or cross-progression functionality across devices outside of a specific platform. This will be a huge bummer for anyone that has the game on multiple platforms, as it’ll me they need to start all over from scratch instead of just being able to transfer it over.

Even though that news may be a bit of a bummer, at least you can try the game out for yourself to see if you like it, as it is available now. That is everything you need to know about if Wild Hearts has cross-play and cross-saves.

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