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Does Hogwarts Legacy Have Denuvo? Answered

Hogwarts Legacy Character
Image Source: Avalanche Software

Does Hogwarts Legacy Have Denuvo? Answered

Has the unforgivable curse been cast on your PC?

The video game industry has long had an issue with piracy and cheaters manipulating in-game features. To combat this, measures have been put in place, with one of the more notorious among them being Denuvo. It’s been a hot topic among recent releases, so you’re bound to be curious whether Hogwarts Legacy has Denuvo, right? Let’s find out.

Does Hogwarts Legacy Use the Denuvo System?

As confirmed on the Steam store page, Hogwarts Legacy “incorporates 3rd-party DRM: Denuvo Anti-Tampering”. This revelation has been widely derided by the gaming community, and may influence some decisions on which platform to purchase the game on.

Anti-cheat software is not controversial in and of itself, but the extent that Denuvo infiltrates your systems has been the cause of much concern. As explained in our Dead Space Remake Denuvo guide, the software’s kernel-level drivers gives it full access and privileges to the PC.

To make matters much worse, Denuvo has been linked to severe performances issues in its associated games, with some allegations of SSD damage from excessive overwriting. Denuvo Software Solutions, the company responsible for the product, has denied these claims.

In the past, the perceived stealth inclusion of Denuvo has led to titles such as Sonic Mania getting review bombed. This was back in 2017, mind you, and the issue is arguably more pressing now than ever.

So yes, you’ve got your answer on whether Hogwarts Legacy has Denuvo. Hopefully you’ll still be able to enjoy your PC experience, at a crisp 3 frames per second. For more information on all things Hogwarts, check out the links below.

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