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Complete Riddle School CrazyGames Walkthrough

a complete walkthrough of riddle school
Image Source: JonBro via Twinfinite

Complete Riddle School CrazyGames Walkthrough

Riddle School is even more boring than regular school.

For teasing another student you’ve been sent to Riddle School, an incredibly boring school that somehow gets away with teaching kids that 3 + 0 = 2. Thankfully, you’re smarter than that and you’ll need to use those smarts to escape Riddle School. However, if you’re struggling a bit, here’s a complete Riddle School CrazyGames walkthrough.

A Complete Walkthrough of Riddle School

In order to escape Riddle School, you only need to accomplish a few simple tasks. After clicking on the pencil sharpener to escape the first room, follow along with the steps below to be free of Riddle School.

  1. Obtain a Hall pass and Feather Duster.

    After leaving the room, head east to find Ms. Cophey’s room. See the water fountain? There’s a hall pass in the first locker to the right. Now head into Ms. Cophey’s room and grab the Feather Duster inside the trash can. They’ll both come in handy for the next step.

    where to find the feather duster in riddle school

  2. Make a trade with the janitor.

    Keep going east and you’ll come to the Janitor’s Closet. If you give the janitor the Feather Duster you found, he’ll give you cash.

  3. Bypass the hall monitor and bully.

    Leave the janitor’s closet and keep heading east until you reach the hall monitor. Show him your Hall Pass, then continue on until you come face to face with a bully. He’ll ask for a cookie, but you’re going to give him the cash you earned instead.

    get pass the hall monitor with a hall pass in riddle school

  4. Trick the school office administration.

    Upon entering the Teacher’s Lounge, you’ll be questioned as to why you’re there. Tell the office administration you want to talk to the principal to tell him a joke. In doing so, you’ll obtain a key. Use it on the door that’s located on the west end of the hallway and you’re free to leave Riddle School for good!

There you have it, folks: the complete Riddle School CrazyGames walkthrough. It’s one of those short and sweet puzzle games that you can easily finish within a couple minutes. For more walkthroughs and guides, Twinfinite has oodles of content to check out using the links below.

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