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Can You Play Dark and Darker on Steam Deck?

Can You Play Dark and Darker on Steam Deck?
Image via Ironmace

Can You Play Dark and Darker on Steam Deck?

Does Valve’s Steam Deck hold up against Dark and Darker?

If you’ve been tuning into Ironmace’s medieval dungeon crawler Dark and Darker, you already know just how much fun the game has been. It’s a wonderful mix of the extraction gameplay you see in Escape From Tarkov and the battle royale genre. Looking at the PC requirements, it doesn’t command a very demanding rig, which begs the question: Can you play Dark and Darker on Steam Deck?

Is Dark and Darker Playable on Steam Deck? Answered

While Dark and Darker is technically unsupported on Steam Deck as the game is still in its playtest phase, it doesn’t change the fact that yes, Dark and Darker is entirely playable on Steam Deck.

In fact, considering the Steam Deck’s hardware compared to the PC requirements, Dark and Darker runs surprisingly well. Of course, you’ll have to make some fine adjustments to the in-game graphics settings to get it running as smoothly as you want.

First, ask yourself what you want your FPS target to be: 30 FPS or 60 FPS? For the latter, you’ll have to drop the graphic settings to Low, though textures can be left at Medium. If you want to add back in some graphical fidelity, don’t push the other graphics settings past Medium to maintain hope of keeping a stable 30 FPS on the Steam Deck.

Once you have that all settled, you’ll be on your way to play Dark and Darker on Steam Deck, and have a great time doing it. Keep in mind that you might have to make some adjustments to the controller layout too in order to find a comfortable setup. If you need more Dark and Darker, there’s plenty of content here at Twinfinite down below.

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