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Best Assault Rifle Build in Wanted: Dead

Best Assault Rifle Build in Wanted: Dead
Image Source: SOLEIL

Best Assault Rifle Build in Wanted: Dead

Rifle go brrr.

At its core, Wanted: Dead is a hack-and-slash that primarily wants players to run in sword swinging. However, there is a second option, as Lt. Stone is a capable marksman with a variety of weaponry to aid in clearing out the opposition. Stone’s primary weapon of choice is her rifle, and it can be customized with a variety of components to maximize its output. Looking to create the best build for Stone’s Rifle? Here’s what you need to know. 

Best Build for Stone’s Rifle to Use in Wanted: Dead

Best Assault Rifle Build in Wanted: Dead
Image Source: SOLEIL

As you progress through Wanted: Dead, Stone’s Rifle will gain more components to augment its output. It can be customized during missions at the Gunsmith portable drone that serves as a checkpoint, and you’ll receive a notification when new parts are unlocked.

So far, this is the best build discovered for Stone’s Rifle, as it focuses on optimal recoil handling and accuracy while providing a higher magazine count and decent stopping power:

  • Rear Sight
  • Carbine Stock
  • Long Magazine
  • Short Barrel

Two things to note; firstly, you can only customize Stone’s Rifle. Any weapon discovered in the field can only be equipped and used, nothing more. Second, there is an option to customize Stone’s handgun companion, Taker, but Taker is only used for parrying rather than a full-use weapon, so customizing it is pointless aside from style points.

Also important to note; this is a third-person shooter, so some of the attachments don’t exactly matter, although the above setup gave me the best overall result. That’s all you need to know about the best assault rifle build for Stone’s Rifle in Wanted: Dead. For more on the game, be sure to check out our related section below.

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