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All Ascension & Talent Materials For Genshin Impact Mika

Genshin Impact Mika
Image source: HoYoverse

All Ascension & Talent Materials For Genshin Impact Mika

Make sure to ascend the character!

After debuting as an NPC, Mika is finally making its way to Genshin Impact as a playable character. He will be a 4-Star Cyro character and most likely be released during the first phase of the Genshin Impact 3.5 version. If you are able to grab Mika from his banner in the next update, you must ascend his skills in order to get the best out of him. With that said, we’ve detailed Mika’s ascension and talent materials lists.

Genshin Impact Mika Ascension Materials

Genshin Impact Mika Ascension Materials
Image source: HoYoverse

In Genshin Impact, Ascension materials are items that are used to increase the level and strength of characters and weapons. They are used to “ascend” a character or weapon to its next tier, which can increase its stats, unlock new abilities and skills, and make it more powerful overall.

Travelers will require the following materials in order to ascend the 4-Star Cyro character, Mika:

Phase 1 Ascension Materials20,000 Mora
1x Shivada Jade Sliver
3x Wolfhook
3x Recruit’s Insignia
Phase 2 Ascension Materials40,000 Mora
3x Shivada Jade Fragment
10x Wolfhook
15x Recruit’s Insignia
2x Pseudo-Stamens
Phase 3 Ascension Materials60,000 Mora
6x Shivada Jade Fragment
20x Wolfhook
12x Sergeant’s Insignia
4x Pseudo-Stamens
Phase 4 Ascension Materials80,000 Mora
3x Shivada Jade Chunk
30x Wolfhook
18x Sergeant’s Insignia
8x Pseudo-Stamens
Phase 5 Ascension Materials100,000 Mora
6x Shivada Jade Chunk
45x Wolfhook
12x Lieutenant’s Insignia
12x Pseudo-Stamens
Phase 6 Ascension Materials120,000 Mora
6x Shivada Jade Gemstone
60x Wolfhook
24x Lieutenant’s Insignia
20x Pseudo-Stamens

Genshin Impact Mika Talent Materials

Genshin Impact Mika Talent Materials
Image source: HoYoverse

Mika possesses three unique talents that can be enhanced with the proper materials. The following table illustrates the materials required for each level of improvement, including the overall cost of upgrading a single talent and all three talents.

Level 2 Materials12,500 Mora
3x Teachings of Ballad
3x Recruit’s Insignia
Level 3 Materials17,500 Mora
2x Guide to Ballad
3x Sergeant’s Insignia
Level 4 Materials25,000 Mora
4x Guide to Ballad
4x Sergeant’s Insignia
Level 5 Materials30,000 Mora
6x Guide to Ballad
6x Sergeant’s Insignia
Level 6 Materials37,500 Mora
9x Guide to Ballad
9x Sergeant’s Insignia
Level 7 Materials120,000 Mora
4x Philosophies of Ballad
4x Lieutenant’s Insignia
1x Puppet Strings
Level 8 Materials260,000 Mora
6x Philosophies of Praxis
6x Rich Red Brocade
1x Puppet Strings
Level 9 Materials450,000 Mora
12x Philosophies of Ballad
9x Lieutenant’s Insignia
2x Mirror of Mushin
Level 10 Materials700,000 Mora
16x Philosophies of Ballad
12x Lieutenant’s Insignia
2x Mirror of Mushin
Crown of Insight

Players would be able to unlock Mika by pulling its character’s banner during The Heron’s Court event wish.

So, there you have it. That’s everything you need to know about Genshin Impact Mika’s ascension & talent materials. Be sure to check out the rest of our Genshin Impact coverage below.

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