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All Treasure Quest Codes in Roblox (February 2023)

Treasure Quest codes
Image Source: The Roblox Corporation

All Treasure Quest Codes in Roblox (February 2023)

Venture forth with the latest Treasure Quest codes!

Classic Dungeons & Dragons-style experiences are few and far between on Roblox, but one of the best is definitely Treasure Quest. As expected, players get to party up with their friends, loot hoards of treasure, defeat plenty of dastardly monsters, and complete a bunch of challenging quests. If you’ve made your way here, however, you’re likely on your own adventure to find one thing: What are all Treasure Quest codes in Roblox? With that in mind, then, let’s get started.

All Working Treasure Quest Codes in Roblox

These are all the active Treasure Quest codes that you can use to redeem free items in the game at the moment:

  • AMOGUS – Speed Potion
  • ARCHER – Archer potion
  • blizmid – Avalanche weapon
  • BOOST – Gold Potion
  • BOZO – Gold Potion
  • drip – Speed Potion
  • FALL2022 – Speed Potion 
  • HAPPYHOLIDAYS3 – Best Gift Ever Skin
  • ICYBOI – XP Potion
  • NOOB – Gold Potion
  • PAUSE – Luck Potion 
  • POG – XP Potion 
  • QUIRKY – Lucky Potion
  • RATIO – Gold Potion
  • SAUCE – XP Potion
  • SEASON4 – Speed Potion
  • SECRET – Gold Potion
  • SPOOKYTIME – Skin Chest
  • STRONK – Damage Potion
  • thx_for300klikes – XP Potion 
  • WAVEDEFENSE – Speed Potion
  • WHAT – Luck Potion 
  • WHOASKED – XP Potion
  • WINTER2022 – Speed Potion 

All Expired Codes in Treasure Quest

Here are all the expired codes in Treasure Quest that no longer work in the game:

  • anothaone – Free Reward 
  • BRIGHT&SUNNY – Speed Potion 
  • cavesrevamp – Effect Potion
  • GOODLUCKPLZ!!! – Luck Potion
  • NEWDUNGEONHYPE – Luck Potion 
  • newmonstershype – Random Reward
  • PRIDE – Pride Flag
  • PROLOBBY – XP Potion 
  • SMOGSANCTUM – XP Potion 
  • SPRING2022 – Luck Potion
  • surpriseee – Free Reward 
  • TQ3YEARS – Free Reward
  • verycoolcode – Gold Potion 

How to Redeem Codes in Treasure Quest

Redeeming codes in Treasure Quest is a more complex process than usual. Follow these steps:

  • First things first, tap on the blue Twitter icon on the right-hand side of your screen.
  • Next, you’ll need to follow @NosniyRBLX and @SenseiRBX on Twitter. Once you’ve done that, wait a few minutes for it to register.
  • After about five minutes, type in your Twitter Handle and press the Green Tick button, and you’ll unlock the codes feature in Treasure Quest.
  • Then, type in a code from the list of working codes above. Make sure the code is exactly as it appears on the list.
  • Hit the Green Tick button and the free items will be added to your account. Enjoy!
Treasure Quest codes
Image Source: The Roblox Corporation via Twinfinite

So, what do you know: hopefully, we’ve clued you in on what are all Treasure Quest codes in Roblox. For more, here’s a full rundown of all Adopt Me pet trade values in Roblox. Alternatively, feel free to browse the links below.

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