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All Kartana Weaknesses & Counters in Pokemon GO

Kartana in Pokemon Anime
Image Source: VIZ Media

All Kartana Weaknesses & Counters in Pokemon GO

Kartana no more, learn how to counter this powerful Pokémon!

Kartana is a Grass/Steel-type Ultra Beast that can unleash devastating moves on its enemies and is now taking over Pokemon GO as a five-star Raid boss. With every raid, you need to prepare yourself adequately with the knowledge to establish proper strategies to triumph over bosses. In this guide, we’ll be helping you defeat or capture this Raid boss by sharing all Kartana weaknesses in Pokemon GO.

All Pokemon GO Kartana Weaknesses

Image Source: The Pokémon Company

Since Kartana’s a Grass/Steel-type Pokemon, a barrage of fire attacks will absolutely melt its HP. Fire attacks have a 2.56x multiplier due to Kartana being a hybrid Pokémon with two types that are weak to fire. However, a fighting Pokémon will be a good substitute if you lack a fire Pokémon as they will have a 1.6x multiplier. This is because Fighting moves are super effective against Steel only, not Grass, so the multiplier isn’t quite as stacked as Fire-type attacks.

It’s essential to have at least a Fire or Fighting-type to defeat Kartana. Other Pokémon types will have difficulty challenging this Ultra beast, as Kartana will quickly wipe your entire team out. 

Best Pokemon to Counter Kartana in Pokémon GO

mega Charizard in Pokemon Go
Image Source: Niantic Labs

You only need a good fire or fighting Pokemon to counter Kartana. Here are a few in Pokemon GO that we recommend:

  • Charizard (Mega Evolution)
    • Fire Spin
    • Blast Burn
  • Moltres (Legendary Fire)
    • Fire Spin
    • Overheat
  • Houndoom (Mega Evolution)
    • Fire Fang
    • Flamethrower
  • Emboar (Fire/Fighting)
    • Blast Burn
    • Low Kick
  • Machamp (Fighting)
    • Counter
    • Dynamic Punch
  • Shadow Machamp (Fighting)
    • Counter
    • Dynamic Punch
  • Mega Lopunny (Fighting)
    • Double Kick
    • Focus Blast
  • Conkeldurr (Fighting)
    • Counter
    • Dynamic Punch

Kartana shouldn’t be a brutal fight since you can quickly slice through its HP using fire attacks. By utilizing these Pokemon, you’ll have a better chance of capturing or clearing the five-star Raid boss. Good luck!

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