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All Karakuri in Wild Hearts, Explained

All Karakuri in Wild Hearts Explained
Image Source: EA

All Karakuri in Wild Hearts, Explained

All the useful Karakuri you can find in Wild Hearts.

In Koei Tecmo and EA’s Wild Hearts, hunting down the dangerous Kemono takes more than just adept skill at handling sharp weapons. Without the use of ancient technology known as Karakuri, there is no chance of success for even the most seasoned of hunters. If you’re hoping to learn all there is to know about all Karakuri in Wild Hearts, then this guide is for you.

Karakuri in Wild Hearts

Having sat dormant and unused for a long time, the knowledge of the hunters of old has now come to you, the player. It represents the only chance to help hunters stand toe-to-toe against the giant, nature-infused beasts that now roam Azuma, and the Karakuri can be broken down into three types:

  • Basic Karakuri – Helpful tools that can assist hunters in exploring the world and also in the fight against Kemono. Requires Celestial Thread to build.
  • Fusion Karakuri – A combination of various basic Karakuri that can offer even more protection or increased damage against your foes.
  • Dragon Karakuri – Weapons and devices that boast special characteristics, require the energy of Dragon Pits to be built.

Certain Karakuri will be unlocked by spending the required currency, but the more useful ones come from either hunting specific Kemono, or a flash of inspiration during a hunt. There are also a ton of upgrades that can be purchased for existing Karakuri to enhance their utility.

Basic Karakuri

These Karakuri will form the basis of your many actions in the game, so be sure to use them often to help make your life a little easy in Azuma.

Wild Hearts Basic Karakuri Torch
Image Source: EA via Twinfinite
  • Crate – A versatile Karakuri that helps players reach high places and a building block for useful Fusion Karakuri like the Bulwark.
  • Spring – With this spring, hunters can corner Kemono in a flash, or get rid of sticky substances that can cause further harm.
  • Torch – Need some light or a source of fire to give your weapons the edge? The Torch will come in handy for both uses.
  • Glider – Powered by Celestial Thread, the wings of this Karakuri help hoist the hunter into the air and help cover great distances.
  • Stake – Aim carefully and let the grapple fly, keep Kemono under control or draw them near with this Karakuri.
  • Celestial Anchor – A Karakuri that helps hunters move around with rapid changes in direction to evade danger and control the battlefield.

Fusion Karakuri

These combine basic Karakuri to form more powerful and potent results, and show the Kemono that you are not to be messed with.

Wild Hearts Fusion Karakuri Bulwark
Image Source: EA via Twinfinite
  • Bulwark – Form a sturdy defensive wall to repel attacks and throw the Kemono off balance. Use it to climb and get an aerial advantage as well.
  • Pounder – A useful Fusion Karakuri that brings down a massive hammerhead with terrifying force. A single blow can stop a Kemono in its tracks and crush everything else.
  • Healing Mist – Stave off danger with this Karakuri that diffuses healing water. Wounds heal gradually, and can be a great way to keep teams of hunters going.
  • Firework – Witness stunning floral patterns in the sky with the Firework, which can be used to startle certain Kemono as well.
  • Elemental Lantern – Fear the elemental attacks from Kemono no more, as this Karakuri helps the hunter defy them using the Celestial Thread.
  • Shield Wall – Thanks to the Celestial Thread strung across it, this will help deflect any Kemono attack and is extremely tough.
  • Repeater Crossbow – Tireless device that fires barbed arrow after barbed arrow at the target, leave the Kemono hurting from multiple wounds with this Karakuri.
  • Star Bomb – Explodes after a certain amount of time, used to trap Kemono with explosive intent.
  • Chain Trap – Bind Kemono as they stand, and ensnare them for more damage.
  • Healing Vaporizer – Flooding the air with curative mist, this Karakuri helps to heal wounds and neutralize toxins.
  • Pile Driver – A hunter’s finishing tool, this great stake can only be used when the hunter is physically holding on to the Kemono, dealing a punishing blow that devastates defenses.
  • Harpoon – No Kemono can escape the giant bolts of this weapon, not even airborne targets. Aim carefully and reap the rewards.
  • Celestial Cannon – Anti-Kemono Karakuri, this Celestial Thread-powered heavy weapon inflicts heavy damage when its grim projectiles hammer into targets like thunder.
  • Celestial Shield – Knitting together Celestial Thread into a shield that guards against attacks, it also provides a shield for the hunter’s body from time to time.

Dragon Karakuri

Get more use out of Dragon Karakuri by placing them in advantageous locations, and giving yourself an upper hand.

Wild Hearts Dragon Karakuri Hunting Tower
Image Source: EA via Twinfinite
  • Hunter’s Tent – A shelter that can help pass time, and, more importantly, serve as fast travel points around the map.
  • Campfire – A focal point of the camp, prepare your next move or join up with other hunters to continue the hunt.
  • Field Forge – A workbench that is essential for forging armor and weaponry. Use it to enhance your equipment before the hunt.
  • Drying Rack – Use the drying technique to draw out flavors in food, and expand your meal options for more food buffs.
  • Flying Vine – This Karakuri makes it easy to traverse great heights both to and fro. Let the arrow fly and use the line to reach your intended target.
  • Hunting Tower – A Karakuri that uses Celestial Thread to seek out Kemono in the wild; watch as it pulses and uses echoes to chart the lay of the land.
  • Sign – A sign can help convey useful messages to others.
  • Ornamental Lantern – Use as a simple light source.
  • Ingredients Chest – A box for storing food, a useful addition on any long hunt.
  • Paddle Scoop – Placed by water, this Karakuri will help catch fish for use in cooking meals.
  • Training Bear – Useful for testing weapons and honing your skills, it can even be customized to different forms and unleash attacks of its own.
  • Wind Vortex – Gain height rapidly with this Karakuri, which lifts everything on it high into the sky.
  • Pickling Jar – Construct to use the pickling technique to improve your food.
  • Launcher – Hurl basic Karakuri using this device, or get some serious speed and air time by entering the Launcher yourself.
  • Wind Chime – A bell that tinkles gently in the breeze, helping to lift the spirits of all who hear it.
  • Tsukomo Ore Shrine – A cantonment for Tsukomo hiding in the wild, which then rewards players with ore.
  • Small Desk – A desk that allows hunters to pen down their thoughts when weary from the hunt.
  • Bench – A long seat that allows hunters to relax.
  • Fermenting Cask – Allows the use of the fermenting technique to enhance food options.
  • Wildlife Cage – Used to keep small creatures as companions, any tamed beasts will offer useful parts of their bodies to their owners.
  • Enhanced Flying Vine – The grapple on this enhanced Karakuri is larger and penetrates deeper, making it possible to tackle Kemono.
  • Looking Glass – A Karakuri that can only be used in Minato, allows the changing of appearances.
  • Communal Ingredients Chest – A box used for storing food that can be accessed by all hunters.
  • Roller – A roller used by hunters to cover large distances in the while, will break if colliding with Kemono or cliff faces.
  • Celestial Tsukumo Camp – A safe haven for Tsukumo, who rewards players with Celestial Thread.
  • Smoker – Allows smoking technique to be used, expanding the ways to prepare food.
  • Sunshade – A decorative canopy to keep the sun at bay.
  • Hunter’s Bath – An open-air tub that makes it possible for baths anywhere, anytime.
  • Tsukumo Food Shrine – Need food but lazy to hunt? Provide a safe space for the Tsukumo in exchange for edible materials.
  • Wildlife Pen – A bigger pen to keep companion creatures in, who then reward hunters with useful body parts.
  • Vermilion Fermentating Cask – An enhanced version that will produce food that truly stirs the appetite.
  • Vermilion Pickling Jar – Food pickled in this beautiful jar looks even more delicious than ever.
  • Vermilion Smoker – Things smoked in this red box will be more sapid than usual.
  • Vermilion Wind Chime – Calming even the most restless of spirits and hinting at good health for the days ahead.
  • Tanuki Statue – A tanuki in some sort of traveler’s garb, there’s something curious about it that make folks get lost in its eyes.
  • Ornamental Gateway – An ornate gateway that is used to mark the entrance to a hunter’s village.

Now that you are all caught up on all Karakuri in Wild Hearts, it is time to put your knowledge to the test out in Azuma. Be sure to check out other related content below if you need more help, and for everything else, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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