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All Apex Legends Voice Actors

When Will Legend Token Cosmetics Come Back to the Store in Apex Legends?

All Apex Legends Voice Actors

Find out who voices your favorite character!

Respawn’s battle royale shooter, Apex Legends, has just released. The twist, though, is that you pick one of a few unique characters to play as. Here’s everything you need to know about the voice actors of Apex Legends‘ voice cast.

Complete Apex Legends Voice Cast

Shantel VanSantan – Wraith

Shantel VanSantan plays Wraith in Apex Legends and while she’s pretty new to the video game voice acting world, you likely know her work in TV. Over the last ten years she has played key roles in three popular TV shows. She is Quinn James in One Tree Hill, Julie Swagger in Shooter (the adaptation of the 2007 Mark Wahlberg movie), and Patty Spivot in The Flash. You may also know her as Lori in 2009’s The Final Destination.

Mela Lee – Lifeline

Playing healer support character, Lifeline, is Mela Lee. While a lot of her work comes English voices in anime, she has also played characters in a lot of video games. She has voices Tiki in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the Fire Emblem series, Celica in Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Joana/Layla in Fallout: New Vegas.

Roger Craig Smith – Mirage

Roger Craig Smith has played some very high-profile characters throughout his career. In Batman: Arkham Origins he took over the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne, he played Ezio throughout his trilogy, he voiced Sonic in Sonic Boom, and he played Captain America in the Disney Infinity games. He now plays Mirage in Apex Legends.

Chris Edgerly – Pathfinder

Robotic voice is certainly something that Chris Edgerly is great at. Throughout his career he’s played characters like Apex Legends’ Pathfinder, such as InfoMat/Deejay in the movie Passengers, Passenger/Sentry in Lightning Returns, and TEL in Infinity Blade III. Elsewhere, he has played a variety of characters in 175 different episodes of The Simpsons, Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, and Captain Ventralis/Cole/Powell in the first Mass Effect.

Allegra Clark – Bloodhound

Like other members of Apex Legends voice cast, a lot of Allegra Clark’s work has come on English dubs of anime shows, such as Fate/Apocrypha and Sword Art Online: Alternative Gun Gale Online. However, she has worked on video games before too. She has played Knight Captain Valyri/Sister Solari in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, Ione/Nymeria in Death’s Gambit, and Nakmor Kesh in Mass Effect: Andromeda. She is Bloodhound in Respawn’s new game.

Erica Luttrell – Bangalore

You’ll know Erica Luttrell as a lot of important characters across TV and film. She is Empress Emily Kaldwin in Dishonored 2, New Mother in Westworld, Cheetah in Injustice 2, Darla/Fahrenheit/Kendra in Fallout 4, and Claire Rayburn in Salvation, among many others. She plays Bangalore in Apex Legends.

JB Blanc – Caustic

JB Blanc plays the role of Caustic, the poison slinging chemist capable of locking down an area in Apex Legends. JB Blanc is a well traveled video game voice actor having recently provided voice for games such as Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and Darksiders 3.

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