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Why Chef Slowik Invited All the Guests in The Menu, Explained

Why does Chef Slowik ask Margot to fetch the barrel in The Menu
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Why Chef Slowik Invited All the Guests in The Menu, Explained

Why Chef Slowik invited this exact group of guests in The Menu, answered.

The Menu is an incredible satire about the food industry and the greatest, most exclusive restaurants in the world. Although the film starts with a promising plan for the night, things get weirder and weirder with every course Chef Slowik and his team serve. Especially once they serve personalized tortilla bread that reveals some of the worst deeds by the guests, making viewers wonder why Chef Slowik invited all the guests in The Menu.

Why Chef Slowik Wanted These Specific Guests in The Menu?

Chef Slowik invited all the guests to The Menu because he felt they were shallow and didn’t really care for the food, using the visit to the restaurant as a way to prove how wealthy and well-connected they were.

If they’re only there for status and don’t care for a $1200 meal, what does it say about him as a restauranteur and the industry in general? Chef Slowik realized he had become a cog in the machine, one that made him feed the elite as another way of gatekeeping and proving high-society exclusivity. 

With all that in mind, the chef decided it was time to give them a lesson, one where the guests would be powerless for once after living a rich, consequences-free existence and might have time to think about all the bad they’ve done in their lives before their explosive ending. 

Now that you know why Chef Slowik invited all the guests in The Menu, you can look for more guides and content from the movie on Twinfinite, including if the film is based on a book or not.

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