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Who Is the Strongest God in Record of Ragnarok? Answered

Record of Ragnarok God's Fighters
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Who Is the Strongest God in Record of Ragnarok? Answered

Pray this deity doesn’t find you on the battlefield.

The Gods made calls to nearly every pantheon to build their roster for their presumptive beatdown of humanity in Ragnarok. From legends of Norse mythology to infamous figures of Christian lore, the council cast a wide net looking for formidable fighters to put mankind in its place. But who among them is top dog? Who is the strongest God in Record of Ragnarok? We’ve got the answer for you.

Who Is the God Among Gods in Record of Ragnarok?

The most powerful God fighting in Ragnarok is none other than Zeus. More than just a figurehead presiding over the Gods’ council, this Greek deity has more than earned both his moniker, “God Father of Cosmos,” and his place above all others battling in Valhalla.

It’s a mistake to let the King of Gods’ frail, shriveled exterior fool one into thinking he’s just a deranged old man with a manic obsession with violence. On a dime, Zeus can transform his wrinkly visage into a rippling, chiseled behemoth, thanks to his superior muscle control that grants him nearly total control over where in his body his strength flows.

His track record is brimming with physical feats, ranging from his triumph over his own father Kronos (the personification of time itself), to his victory in the Gigantomachy, in which he and the Olympian Gods defeated the Giants and old gods to crown themselves the rulers of the cosmos. Zeus is not just an appointed ruler; he is a ruler by demonstrated physical superiority.

How Did Zeus Best Adam in Round 2?

In his bout with Adam, Zeus unleashes a cocktail of terrifying techniques ranging from the hyper-speed punching flurry known as Meteor Jab, to the devastating Divine Axe kick that can chop an opponent clean in half. The combat coup de gras, however, is his Adamas state, in which he uses his superior muscle control to contract his body into a lethal, lean form which is indestructible and funnels his “divine might” into every blow.

At the end of his fight with The First Man, it is Zeus’ durability and near-immortality that wins out, as he claims that had their battle been one of endurance, Adam would have come out the victor. For a being that watched the Big Bang like a spectacle, it comes as no surprise he was able to outlast the punishment and claim victory.

That’s the answer to who is the strongest God in Record of Ragnarok. Be sure to check out more of our content on this must-see anime at the links below.

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