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Where To Get Lure Balls in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Lure Ball
Image Source: Nintendo

Where To Get Lure Balls in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The perfect ball for bath time.

There are a wide range of Pokeballs available to collect in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, including the series of Apricorn balls that each offer special abilities and bonuses to aid your capture process. For example, the Lure Ball increases the odds of catching Pokemon encountered in bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes, and seas. If you’re looking for some Lure Balls to help you snag that frustrating fishy ‘Mon you’ve been eyeing up, we’ve got everything you’ll need to know. Follow along below to learn where to find the Lure Ball in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Where to Find the Lure Ball in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The only place that Lure Balls can be semi-regularly obtained in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is the market auctions in Porto Marinada, where they can appear as one of the items on sale. Lure Balls also have a chance of being given out as Pokedex rewards, but this is not a consistent method for adding the special Apricorn Ball to your inventory.

Porto Marinada Auction House in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Image Source: The Pokemon Company via Twinfinite

To unlock auctions in Porto Marinada, you must complete Cascarrafa’s Gym Challenge by delivering Kofu his wallet. If you require more guidance and in-depth information for this challenge, feel free to check out our complete guide for Cascarrafa Gym.

Once auctions are unlocked, Lure Balls have a chance of appearing as one of the items for sale. These items are randomized and will change via in-game and real-time, so keep checking back. Alternatively, you can force a manual re-roll of the items on sale by closing the game and heading into your Nintendo Switch settings to push the clock forwards by 72 minutes.

Once you finally notice the Lure Ball is up for auction, get ready for a bidding war. You’ll need to successfully make the highest bid on the item to win the auction and be rewarded with the Lure Ball, so come prepared with plenty of cash.

That’s everything you need to know about where to get Lure Balls in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Feel free to check out our related topics below for more helpful gameplay guides and news to help keep you updated on the Paldea Region and overcome any obstacles on your journey.

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