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Top 10 Best Dragon Pokemon in Sun & Moon

Dragonite in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Top 10 Best Dragon Pokemon in Sun & Moon

There be dragons.

Pokemon Sun and Moon each have a wide selection of different Pokemon and Types that you can fight and collect to build your ultimate team. There are many options under each of the 18 different Types making it sometime difficult to decide. Dragon-type Pokemon, among the rarest of them all, have some really solid options, but some are definitely a lot better than others. To help choose which is the best for your team, we’ve ranked them to help you know which is truly the Dragon to beat all Dragons.

Best Dragon Types in Pokemon Sun & Moon

10. Exeggutor

Exeggutor built up a lot of buzz before Pokemon Sun and Moon launched due to its crazy new design, but as an option for your team not much has changed. It’s dual typing does improve the standard Dragon resistances, but it also adds quite a few weaknesses which aren’t welcome. It’s built around attacking, yet suffers from speed issues and a move set that isn’t very exciting. Yes, TMs can help on that front, but with all the other issues plaguing this Gen I monster, you should consider your far better options.

9. Drampa

Drampa has amazing SP ATK and decent defense across the board (though it could be better). It’s lacking everywhere else, though, and it’s dual typing doesn’t do much exciting outside of grant it Ghost immunity. It does get an ATK boost when hit by grass moves, and it’s SP increases even more as its health drops but outside of that it’s a pretty standard Dragon-type when you get down to it. While it does have an interesting look, this Sun and Moon addition isn’t your best option if your trying to fill this type’s role in your roster.

8. Turtonator

Turtonator has one major thing going for it: typing. Its primary type is fire, when combined with dragon it has a wealth of resistances with both Fire and Grass doing only 25% of their damage to Turtonator. It also has amazing DEF. Unfortunately it doesn’t have much else in terms of stats with very low base HP and Speed and average everywhere else, though respectable in the SP ATK department. Shell Trap is definitely why you will want one of these, though, as it does immense damage to anyone who physically attacks Turtonator. But it may not last long in battle, so make use of it immediately.

7. Flygon

Flygon’s dual typing grants it two immunities: Ground and Electric. It also has resistance to Poison, Fire, and Rock, making it a decent tank against many opponents. It doesn’t have the greatest stats unfortunately and its move pool doesn’t branch much outside of its typing. You do have access to a majority of the TMs though, allowing you to rectify the move set issue, but that doesn’t really fix the stat problem. It’s a good Dragon to keep you content until you find something better.

6. Guzzlord

Guzzlord happens to be a Dragon and an Ultra Beast making it quite unique in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Its second type, Dark, adds an immunity to Psychic attacks as well as some extra resistances under Ghost and Dark. Fairy becomes a serious threat, though, which is something to watch out for. Unfortunately, while Guzzlord does have a ton of HP, it is severely lacking in all types of defense as well as speed, and it’s ATK stats aren’t anything to write home about when compared to some other Dragon-types. What helps this beast prosper in battle is its potential for a varied moveset even without TMs. Poison, Bug, Rock, and even fighting help it stand against many of its contemporaries, but you’ll definitely want to boost that defense if you hope to survive.

5. Kommo-o

Kommo-o is new to Sun and Moon and is the final evolution of Jangmo-o. As it evolved it picked up a second typing – Fighting – when it’s fore legs became useable fists. That second type actually opens up Kommo-o to multiple weaknesses including an even larger weakness to Fairy attacks. You do get a few more resistances (which are always welcome) but no immunities. The stats are pretty even across the board with Kommo-o being more geared toward DEF. Through leveling up and TMs you can boost your attack and defense, but even without you have a balanced option in this Sun and Moon addition.

4. Dragonite

If you’ve been playing Pokemon long before Sun and Moon, there’s a good chance that the Dragon-type that first caught your eye is Dragonite. Due to its dual typing it’s more succeptible to Ice than usual, but it gains complete immunity to ground and a drastic reduction to Grass damage incurred. It’s well balanced with a high ATK stat making it perfect for physical attacks.

3. Salamence

Salamence has respectable DEF and SP DEF, but it’s Salamence’s ATK and SP ATK that really help it shine along with its speed. You also gain access to Fire, Dark, Electric, and Psychic abilities outside of your typing which makes for interesting movesets that you can tailor. It has the same typing as Dragonite and therefor shares the same weaknesses. Where this Dragon really excels though is in its Mega form which is easily one of the strongest Pokemon in the game period. But, if you don’t have the necessary item Salamence is still a solid option, though not the best among its kind.

2. Goodra

Goodra has only one type which helps by not adding any unecessary weaknesses, allowing it to keep its standard resistances to Fire, Water, Electric, and Grass. Ice, Dragon, and Fairy abilities are very effective against Goodra, but thanks to an incredibly high base SP DEF it can hold it’s own quite well. It’s not the speediest Pokemon out there, but it is far from the slowest, and it’s range of Water, Normal, Grass, and Dragon abilities help make it a threat against nearly any type.

1. Garchomp

This Dragon/Ground-type was introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Known as the Mach Pokemon, Garchomp is ridiculously fast, and is said to fly as fast as jet planes while consuming entire flocks of birds in one gulp. Thanks to its ability to learn several powerful Dragon, Ground, Rock, and Normal moves as well as a couple of Fire and Dark abilities, you have a wide range of attacks to choose from as you level up. Other Dragon and Fairy abilities do have a damage advantage against it, and Ice abilities tear it up, but it has a healthy amount of resistances and is completely unaffected by Electric-type moves.

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