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5 Things to Do After Beating Dead Space Remake

Things to Do After Beating Dead Space Remake
Image via Motive

5 Things to Do After Beating Dead Space Remake

The party isn’t over yet.

There’s something satisfying about completing a game, especially one as good as Dead Space Remake, but it’s also like saying goodbye to an old friend. Does it have to end? The answer is no; in fact, Dead Space Remake has great replayability. Even though the credits rolled, here are 5 things to do after beating Dead Space Remake.

Do-Over on New Game Plus

Things to Do After Beating Dead Space Remake: Play New Game Plus
Image via Motive

When you beat Dead Space Remake, you aren’t done—not really. Okay, maybe you can play it once and be done, but does it have to end? After your first playthrough, New Game Plus opens up to you, which transfers all of your weapons, upgrades, even credits.

It’s a great opportunity to try the game on a much harder difficulty setting without starting over from scratch. With you being a bit more prepared, you’ll be able to settle into the difficulty curve a lot easier.

More importantly, playing through Dead Space Remake on New Game Plus is one of the prerequisites to unlocking the secret ending. And don’t you dare spoil yourself by watching it on YouTube!

Play Dead Space 2 & 3

Things to Do After Beating Dead Space Remake: Play the Original Sequels
Image via Visceral Games

Look, we can’t kick cans around waiting for Motive to develop a sequel, even though the developers are interested in exploring Dead Space more. So, the next best thing is to play the sequels to the original game, both Dead Space 2, Dead Space 3, and maybe the original Dead Space for good measure.

What’s great is that Dead Space Remake doesn’t veer far from the original in terms of story, so playing the sequels should feel natural. Both sequels hold up really well, even to this day, and given that they’re both a decade and older, you don’t need the latest and greatest hardware. At least two potatoes should do, maybe a third for better shadows.

Earn Every Trophy/Achievement

Things to Do After Beating Dead Space Remake: Earn Every Trophy
Image via Motive

Who doesn’t love a bit of trophy hunting? As many as 48 achievements are featured in Dead Space Remake—47 on PC—and you won’t be able to get all of them on your first playthrough. A few are related to difficulty, which is tough in and of itself, but some of the hardest are related to upgrading the weapons and suit. You won’t get enough nodes your first time through to upgrade every single weapon.

On top of that, there’s even a trophy related to the game’s secret ending, which is only obtainable through New Game Plus, so you’d have no choice anyway but to start again. It’s definitely worth it; Dead Space Remake begs to be played multiple times given that it sits at a comfortable 10 to 15 hours per playthrough, each chapter taking around an hour.

Torture Yourself on Impossible Mode

Things to Do After Beating Dead Space Remake: Torture Yourself on Impossible Mode
Image via Motive

Like the original game, Dead Space Remake features multiple difficulty settings, one of which is Impossible Mode. It’s the most punishing and not for the faint of heart; only the most skilled survivors step forward. On Impossible Mode, you’ll have to deal with:

  • One life and one save slot
  • No autosaving
  • Damage against you equal to Hard Mode

And yes, it’s definitely worth it, not just for the bragging rights, but you get a new suit, the Burnished Suit, and a foam finger gun called the Hand Cannon, which is the strongest weapon in the game.

Trick a Friend into Playing (and Watch Them Squirm)

Things to Do After Beating Dead Space Remake: Trick Your Friends into Playing
Image via Motive

To say Dead Space Remake is scary is an understatement; it’s an expertly crafted, gut-wrenching experience from start to finish. It’s also an excellent story and a shining example of good science fiction. Together you have all the reasons to share it with your friends, unknowingly, and watch them squirm in their seat.

Watch as they frantically aim at a necromorph’s limbs, jump at every noise, and the utter hopelessness that is the Hunter. If you can convince your friends, and they make it to the end, you’ll have made another Dead Space fan; we could always use more.

With that, we close the book on 5 things to do after beating Dead Space Remake, but it’s not the end of the content. Twinfinite has a plethora of topics and guides on Dead Space, which you can find using the links below.

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