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Persona 4 Golden Endings Guide (How to Get True Ending)

persona 4 golden
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Persona 4 Golden Endings Guide (How to Get True Ending)

Don’t get swayed by your team’s recklessness!

While Persona 4 Golden is largely a linear experience, it is possible to completely screw up the final act of the game and end up with an awful ending. We’re here to help you avoid that situation with a full endings guide for Persona 4 Golden, along with steps on how to get the true ending.

How to Get All Endings in Persona 4 Golden

There are a total of five endings in Persona 4 Golden, as listed below:

  • Bad ending
  • Normal ending
  • Accomplice ending
  • True ending
  • Golden ending

How to Get the Bad Ending in Persona 4 Golden

Once you reach Dec. 3 in Persona 4 Golden, choose the options “Push the bastard in” and “Do it already” to push Namatame into the TV.

If you didn’t push Namatame in, you can also flub the dialogue options that come after, where you fail to name the culprit. As long as you don’t lead the team to identifying Adachi as the killer, you’ll get the bad ending as well.

How to Get the Accomplice Ending in Persona 4 Golden

For this ending, you’ll need to have progressed Adachi’s social link as far as possible, then refuse to share your thoughts on Adachi on Dec. 5. This will halt the investigation, allowing him to get away scot-free.

How to Get the Normal Ending in Persona 4 Golden

On Dec. 3, you’ll be coerced into pushing Namatame into the TV. However, you need to guide the team away from this course of action by answering correctly:

  • Wait a second here…
  • We’re missing something.
  • Their true feelings.
  • Something’s been bothering me.
  • We’re missing something…
  • Calm the hell down!

As long as you pick all of the above dialogue options, you’ll be able to sway the team and stop them from making a mistake. Later on, you’ll also need to name the true culprit. Share your suspicions about Adachi, and you’ll be on track to get the Normal ending.

After defeating Adachi, as the protagonist gets ready for his trip home, you’ll be prompted to return home after talking to everyone. Choose to return home, and you’ll get the Normal ending.

How to Get the True Ending in Persona 4 Golden

Follow the above instructions on how to get the Normal ending, but instead of going home on the last day, choose No and continue exploring Inaba.

Head over to Junes and examine the elevator to go to the food court. This will trigger a new scene, and you need to choose the following dialogue options to progress to the True ending route:

  • No.
  • I’m not finished yet.
  • Yes.
  • There’s something missing.

After that, speak to Nanako and Dojima at the riverbank, then head to the Velvet Room. Go to the gas station and keep speaking with the attendant to unlock a final dungeon.

How to Get the Golden Ending in Persona 4 Golden

To get the Golden ending, you’ll need to follow all of the steps listed in the True ending, but make sure to fulfill one other criteria before then: max out Marie’s social link.

You’ll need to complete Marie’s social link before clearing Adachi’s dungeon, and this will unlock the new Hollow Forest dungeon in December. Once you complete that and clear the final dungeon from the True ending, you’ll get a new Golden epilogue at the end of the game.

And that does it for our Persona 4 Golden endings guide. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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