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Persona 3 Portable Classroom, Quiz & Exam Answers

All Classroom, Quiz & Exam Answers In Persona 3 Portable
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Persona 3 Portable Classroom, Quiz & Exam Answers

Exams are scary, but we’ve got you covered.

Persona 3 Portable is a mammoth experience for any gamer who has to contend with its many moving parts. Your primary goal is to battle menacing shadows at night to prevent a dark apocalypse, while also balancing the life of a typical high schooler to form bonds and experiences. Equally important though is your protagonist’s academic life. Throughout the school year, you’ll be faced with regular quizzes, questions, and, scariest, of all exams. The prospect is daunting so if you need a helping hand we’ve got you covered. Here are all the classroom, quiz & exam answers in Persona 3 Portable.

All Classroom, Quiz & Exam Answers in Persona 3 Portable

It’s important to note that Knowledge is listed as part of your social stats and it’s important to get it as high as possible, not only to unlock new Social Links but it can also provide a major boost to the corresponding Arcana of a fused Persona. This can give players a major advantage in battle, so it’s important to hit the books and study when possible while also consistently answering questions correctly in class.

Helping Junpei out in class and giving him the answers can also raise your charm social stat which can lead to more romantic subplots with the supporting cast. Some of the questions are genuinely tricky and could trip you up, luckily we have all the answers. Be aware though that your final score in your exams will be determined by your knowledge stat at the time, so study diligently!


4/8 Utsobo Kubota

4/18 Mud Huts

4/27 6000 Years Ago

May & Midterm Exam Answers

5/6 Soft Water

5/13 1700km/hr

5/15 Bread

5/18 Exam Answer Bread

5/19 Exam Answer Faster Than Sound

5/20 Exam Answer Hard Water

5/21 Exam Answer Nara


6/15 And…

6/17 Shamanism

6/22 Jellyfish

6/25 Dowsing

6/29 It Can Go Either Way

July & Midterm Exam Answers

7/3 The Global Heritage Pavilion

7/8 I failed, It’s Over Now

7/9 Konda Einen Shizaihou

7/10 Kabbalah

7/11 Imperial Prince

7/14 Exam Answer Dowsing

7/15 Exam Answer Octopus

7/16 Exam Answer Minamoto no Yoritomo

7/17 Exam Answer I Want, I Learned


9/1 Superconductivity

9/10 Gochisou-Sama

9/11 The Hermetica

9/14 Can’t Let Others Produce

9/26 The Tetractcys

October & Midterm Exam Answers

10/7 To Excite The Audience

10/13 Exam Answer Husbands

10/14 Exam Answer Pythagoras

10/15 Exam Answer Zero Electrical Resistance

10/16 Exam Answer Coup of Meiou

10/19 Fourteen

10/22 By Fermenting Them

10/23 Madam Blavatsky

10/26 Wristwatch

10/29 Lactase


11/12 The Upanishad

11/30 They Did Both

December & Final Exam Answers

12/7 Ozone

12/11 Cacti

12/14 Exam Answer 1185

12/15 Exam Answer Oxygen

12/16 Exam Answer Left-Hand Rule

12/17 Exam Answer Winter Mornings Are Pleasing

12/18 Exam Answer Cacti

12/21 Kido

12/22 Euphoria


1/8 It’s Wrong

1/18 Circe

That’s everything you need to know for all of Persona 3 Portable’s Classroom, Quiz, and Exam answers. Be sure to check out our ongoing coverage of persona 3 Portable including our review here and our guides below.

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