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Absurdle: How & Where To Play

Absurdle gameplay
Source: qntm

Absurdle: How & Where To Play

Experience the challenging word game of Absurdle.

Wordle has spawned a new age of word games, and it has people buzzing for more content, especially those that have completed the daily puzzle and everything within its archive. However, since the hit game limits players to one-word puzzle per day, fans are exploring new variations similar to it, including Absurdle. So, for a more in-depth explanation of this latest release, here is how and where to play Absurdle.

What Is Absurdle?

If you are interested in an unlimited number of puzzles to partake in, Absurdle may be the right fit for you. This game is considered to be the “adversarial variant” of Wordle because it prolongs the experience by changing the secret word with each guess instead of having a chosen word at the beginning. Absurdle is a harder game than Wordle because it’s always changing!

Absurdle Gameplay
Source: qntm

How & Where To Play Absurdle

Currently, Absurdle is exclusively playable on its website here, a platform created by the writer and software developer, qntm. The gameplay is similar to Wordle, but with a twist of a completely randomized system with each puzzle, differing from the pre-set secret word and the optional use of Wordle guides. Since Absurdle doesn’t give many hints, players can guess as often as they want with the “random guess” button. On the contrary, Wordle has a limitation of six tries to guess, which can be challenging for certain words.

Because Absurdle has a wide array of different letter combinations and no hints, the possibility of wanting to give up or start over may come up. That being said, there is a “give up” button if you get frustrated enough. Additionally, this game doesn’t follow the same format of a daily puzzle, so you can refresh the browser any time you want.

Players who want an even more challenging experience can check out Absurdle’s different modes: Hard, Challenge, and Timed. Each of these methods are reserved for advanced players, along with the option to further expand the word list for obscure words like “AAHED” and “XYLYL”.

Now that you know how and where to play Absurdle, you can try it out and decipher the secret word. For more content on puzzle games, you can check out the latest guides for Wordle and Knotwords. Be sure to also explore the relevant links below for additional content.

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