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How to Use Auto-Battle in Fire Emblem Engage & All Options, Explained

Alear in Fire Emblem Engage

How to Use Auto-Battle in Fire Emblem Engage & All Options, Explained

Let the CPU take over.

Fire Emblem Engage is full of tactical battles that rely heavily on executing your strategy. However, repetition of combat and constantly trying to get one up over your in-game opponent may be a bit tiring, especially for the likes of newbies to the franchise. Perhaps you’re feeling lost in the fight or seeking extra guidance. Well, luckily, there’s an automatic combat feature that may answer some of your struggles. Follow along below for how to use Auto-Battle in Fire Emblem Engage and all options explained.

What is Auto-Battle in Fire Emblem Engage & How To Use in Combat

Auto-Battle in Fire Emblem Engage
Image Source: Intelligent Systems & Nintendo via Twinfinite

Auto-Battle is a feature in Fire Emblem Engage that allows you to skip your strategy for a tun, letting the AI take over your units to issue commands automatically. Auto-Battle lasts only for the player phase in which it was initiated, so if you’re looking to use it in repetition, you’ll have to manually select it at the beginning of each turn.

To unlock the Auto-Battle feature, you’ll need to have completed Chapter 1 of the story. After this has been achieved, Auto-Battle can be found during an encounter by pressing the + button on your Nintendo Switch to open the Battle Menu. From here, the Auto-Battle option will be available, and you can select and choose your preferred option for the round.

All Auto-Battle Options & What They Do, Explained

There are four different options to choose from when selecting Auto-Battle in Fire Emblem Engage. Each option causes the AI to take a slightly different approach in the strategy that is used when operating your units, so you are able to choose the option that best fits you in each specific moment of the encounter.

  • Advance is an option that gives both offense and defense the same level of priority, creating a balanced approach.
  • Charge is a strong offensive option, which will result in units approaching enemies and seeking attacks. This option may move more vulnerable backline units into melee positions, so keep that in mind prior to selecting.
  • Protect is an option that will result in prioritizing defense, as well as protecting Alear. This is a good option to use when everyone is scattered around the field and out of position, as it will help to group everyone up again.
  • Fall Back is an option that will cause your units to avoid battle and retreat. This can be a useful option to select when you need to backtrack and restore HP or use other items before initiating fights again.

That’s everything you need to know about how to use Auto-Battle in Fire Emblem Engage, and all options explained. For more gameplay guides, check out the rest of our content at Twinfinite. We have a variety of related Fire Emblem topics below to keep you updated on all franchise news and help you navigate any obstacles during your adventure in the world of Elyos, so feel free to scroll down and have a look.

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