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How To Get Wealth Runes in Lost Ark

How To Get Wealth Runes in Lost Ark
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How To Get Wealth Runes in Lost Ark

It’s a long and difficult journey for a Wealth Rune.

Lost Ark features a handful of ways to customize your character’s build, not just in terms of gear, but through Engravings, Card Sets, individual skill trees for each ability, and so on. It can get overwhelming sometimes, but that’s not the end of it. You also obtain skill-enhancing Runes like the Wealth Rune, which is one of the most useful runes you can come across. If that’s what you’re looking for, here’s how to get Wealth Runes in Lost Ark.

How to Obtain Wealth Runes in Lost Ark

Wealth Runes in Lost Ark increase how quickly your Identity Gauge fills up, depending on the rarity of which there are four: Uncommon (10%), Rare (20%), Epic (30%), and Legendary (40%). This means you’ll gain access to your Identity Skill at a much more frequent rate. It’s a pretty nice rune if you can get your hands on it. To get one, you’ll have to:

  1. Defeat Tooki King on Tooki Island.

    In the event that you’re on Tooki Island, defeating Tooki King has a chance of dropping uncommon Wealth Runes. Keep in mind Tooki Island only appears every four hours for just 10 minutes, so use the screenshot above for its exact locations.

    How To Get Wealth Runes in Lost Ark on Tooki Island

  2. Purchase from Merchant Tuleu.

    Occasionally, Merchant Tuleu can show up at your Stronghold, which is already rare, and he’ll have Wealth Runes for sale, but even that isn’t guaranteed. If you’re lucky, he’ll sell Uncommon and Rare Wealth Runes for 1420 and 2700 Adventurer’s Seals, respectively. Don’t bother with the uncommon ones and just go with the rare ones.

  3. Defeat Iar Kaya on Lagoon Island.

    Over on Lagoon Island you can engage with Iar Kaya, one of Lost Ark’s world bosses. Unfortunately, the bizarre creature cannot be soloed, so you’ll need to bring some buddies. In return, Iar Kaya can drop epic-level Wealth Runes.

    How To Get Wealth Runes in Lost Ark on Lagoon Island

  4. Obtain x5 Giant’s Hearts.

    Lost Ark is full of collectibles, one of which is Giant’s Hearts. Minerva over on Wisdom Isle will gladly reward you with all kinds of goodies for collecting them, like Skill Point Potions. After you’ve gathered x5 Giant’s Hearts, you can pick up a rare Wealth Rune!

  5. Trade x5 Omnium Stars for Wealth Runes.

    Similar to the Giant’s Hearts, the Omnium Star collectibles can also be used to purchase legendary-level Wealth Runes, which are the best of the four rarities. Speak with Albion in Nia Village, on the island of Punka, to get one.

    How To Get Wealth Runes in Lost Ark with Omnium Stars

  6. Earn x34 Sea Bounty points.

    Another way of getting Wealth Runes is through Sea Bounties. Check in your Collectibles tab to find out where you stand in terms of points. After earning x34 Sea Bounties, speak with Vatius on the island of Peyto.

Any way you slice it, getting Wealth Runes in Lost Ark isn’t easy, but definitely worth the effort if you want to increase the rate at which your Identity Gauge fills up. For more related content, try out the links below for guides that may catch your attention.

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