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How To Get Order of Heroes Item Set in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem's Order of Heroes set

How To Get Order of Heroes Item Set in Fire Emblem Engage

Free goodies for your Fire Emblem Engage journey.

With the release of Fire Emblem Engage comes the opportunity to claim a free in-game item set through the Fire Emblem Heroes mobile game. If you’re looking to snatch up this offer, we’ve got all the information you’ll need. Follow along below for how to get the Order of Heroes item set in Fire Emblem Engage.

How To Redeem the Order of Heroes Set in Fire Emblem Engage

To redeem the Order of Heroes set, you’ll need to have cleared Chapter 3 of Fire Emblem Engage. You’ll also need the Fire Emblem Heroes mobile game installed and to have completed the in-game tutorial, as well as a stable internet connection so you can redeem the goodies.

To start, you’ll need to open Fire Emblem Heroes on your mobile device and head to the Quests and Missions tab on the bottom right of the home screen. From here, select the coin icon to open a prompt where you can link your Nintendo Switch account to the game.

How to redeem Order of Heroes bundle in Fire Emblem Engage
Screengrab from Varsona on YouTube via Twinfinite

After filling out the required details and linking your Nintendo Account, you’ll be transferred to the My Nintendo Rewards page, where you can select and redeem the Fire Emblem Engage Bonus Code + 5 Orbs offer.

You will be shown a 16-digit code after clicking the redeem button, so be sure to screenshot this or write it down. Now you can pick up your Nintendo Switch, head to the eShop, select Enter Code from the menu on the left, and punch in your 16-digit code. After doing so, you may launch Fire Emblem Engage to receive your goodies and jump back into exploring the world of Elyos.

All Rewards From the Order of Heroes Bundle

In Fire Emblem Heroes:

  • 5x Orbs

These Orbs will allow you to upgrade your castle or summon a new Hero in-game.

In Fire Emblem Enagage:

  • Folkvangr Weapon
  • Fensalir Weapon
  • Noatun Weapon
  • Alfonse S-Rank Bond Ring
  • Sharena S-Rank Bond Ring
  • Anna S-Rank Bond Ring

This bundle gifts 3 S-Rank Bond Rings, which just so happen to be the strongest Bond Ring Rank in the game. These Rings will give the biggest stat buffs, so picking them up for your playthrough can be a nice little boost.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get the Order of Heroes item set in Fire Emblem Engage. For more helpful gameplay guides, news, and lists, check out the rest of our content at Twinfinite. We have an assortment of Fire Emblem topics to assist you on your adventure in Elyos, so feel free to scroll down below and check out our related posts.

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