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How to Fix the Bee Error in Destiny 2

destiny 2 error code bee

How to Fix the Bee Error in Destiny 2

*Bee sounds…*

If you’ve been hit with error code Bee in Destiny 2, then you’re in the right place, as this guide will explain everything you need to know to get you back to grinding out the best Gear, taking on Raids with your friends, and just having an all-round good time with your Guardian.

What Is Error Code Bee?

The Bee error code, much like the Fly and Lion errors, is caused by “general disconnections between you and the various routes your traffic takes across the internet to get to Bungie,” according to the official FAQ provided by the developer. “This includes packet loss or disconnections between your home network and Bungie (such as ISP saturation or general internet congestion),” the explainer continues.

Essentially, it means that the information transfer between your console and their servers isn’t stable enough, and so a permanent, stable connection, which is required for live-service games like Destiny 2, Genshin Impact, and Fortnite, cannot be established.

How to Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Bee

The FAQ states that this can be caused by “bandwidth claimed by other devices and applications. It may be necessary to avoid file-sharing, video streaming, or other bandwidth-intensive tasks on any device connected to your network while playing Destiny…”

1. Disconnect Other Devices from Your Network

As such, the first thing you should do is try disconnecting as many devices from your network as possible to see if this resolves the issue. If it does, then happy days.

2. Restart Your Network Router

If you’re still getting hit with the Destiny 2 Bee error code, then the next step you’ll want to take is to try restarting your network router. Sometimes, routers can get random bugs and issues from updates pushed by your ISP, or just out of the blue for no good reason.

Resetting your router 9 times out of 10 will fix this issue, and allow you to carry on with grinding out the best gear for your Guardian.

3. Switch to a Wired Connection

Should that fail, then try and get your hands on an ethernet cable plugging it into your PC or console and your router. A wired connection is far more stable and resistant to data dropouts and packet losses, which is exactly what the Bee error code is caused by. With a bit of luck, you’ll have no further issues.

Finally, Bungie does note that the Destiny 2 error code Bee can be caused by ISP outages which can’t be helped on your side. In these cases, you’ll just have to wait for your service provider to fix the issue on their end, and then you’ll be able to hop back into action. In instances of ISP outages, your provider will often reach out via email or text to let you know of the issue and an estimated time that the problem will be fixed. If they don’t, you might need to reach out to them for a service update.

Just like that, you should be all error code Bee free! For more on Destiny 2, be sure to check out our wiki, or see more of our guides below.

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