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How To Fix Destiny 2 Character Deletion Bug Error


How To Fix Destiny 2 Character Deletion Bug Error

A terrifying thing to experience after hours of gameplay, but don’t worry.

Destiny 2 is an incredibly immersive and thrilling experience of action and adventure. From the tight gunplay to the rewarding quests that drive its engaging narrative, Destiny 2 delivers fully satisfying gameplay that rewards you for your hard spent time. What if you suddenly lost everything? For players of Destiny 2, that could mean losing their characters and all their loot if they encounter the Destiny 2 character deletion bug error. But don’t worry– we have a few tips to help you avoid this frustrating bug and keep your character safe.

Destiny 2 Character Deletion Bug Error Explained

The character deletion bug is an error in Destiny 2 that causes characters and all associated items to be deleted. It’s a significant inconvenience for players who have spent countless hours cultivating their perfect character. However, the chances of it happening are very slim and also reversible; that being said, you can reduce the chances of this happening to you by following these steps.

How To Fix the Character Deletion Bug in Destiny 2

When logging out of Destiny 2, you must do so through the in-game menus rather than by closing the game window directly from your desktop. This will ensure that your saved file is correctly updated on the game servers and reduce the chance of anything going wrong when you log back in.

Bungie releases new updates for Destiny 2 now and then to fix bugs like this. If you haven’t done so, make sure that you update your game regularly to stay up-to-date with their latest fixes and patches. You should also check their official website for more information about what changes have been implemented recently.

Any software running in the background can interfere with Destiny 2’s code and increase the risk of encountering a bug like this. To be safe, avoid using any third-party software when playing Destiny 2.

Make sure that you log out correctly each time before quitting the game, update your game regularly with the latest patches, and refrain from using any third-party software while playing. Also, always keep in mind that by contacting Bungie on their support page, they will be able to return your character to you should all else fail. That’s everything you need to know about how to fix the Destiny 2 character deletion bug error.

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