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How To Catch Kecleon in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO
Image Source: Niantic

How To Catch Kecleon in Pokemon GO

Appearances can be deceiving!

Pokemon GO studio Niantic has finally added the color-changing Kecleon to the mobile game, following the Chespin Community Day that took place on Jan. 7. The latest addition is very important for completionist players, since it is the last Pokemon necessary to finish the Hoenn Pokedex in the game. Here is how to catch Kecleon in Pokemon GO.

How To Find and Catch Kecleon in Pokemon GO

The chameleon-like Kecleon requires an extra step to catch than your regular Pokemon. It does not appear on the overworld map, and will have to be sought out in a very unique way that makes sense considering the creature.

Kecleon can be found by visiting and tapping on PokeStops that initially do not allow you to collect its rewards. This will happen randomly, but you will know when you receive this message while trying to spin a PokeStop:

“There’s an invisible obstacle in your way. It’s preventing you from collecting items…”

Viewing the PokeStop Photo Disc will reveal a translucent outline of a Kecleon blocking you from spinning the location. Tapping the Pokemon will cause it to hop off and appear in the game world, where it can be captured with a Poke Ball of your choice just like any regular Pokemon. You can check out what the entire encounter looks like in the video below.

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Do not worry if your first PokeStop does not produce a Kecleon. The Pokemon can be somewhat rare to find, and may take spinning more than a dozen PokeStops before landing one. It is also important to turn off any Rocket Radars enabled, since the Rocket Leaders and Giovanni can block potential Kecleon sightings at PokeStops.

That is how to catch Kecleon in Pokemon GO. Be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more game coverage and click the links below for more Pokemon GO guides.

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