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Does Takemichi Beat Taiju in Tokyo Revengers? Answered

Taiju vs. Takemichi
Image Source: Screenshot via Liden Films

Does Takemichi Beat Taiju in Tokyo Revengers? Answered

The Black Dragons Leader vs. Toman’s First Division Captain.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 continues the long-running conflict between the Black Dragons and Toman, which first began during Tokyo Manji Gang’s initial formation. Under the authoritarian leadership of the 10th-generation boss, Toman now faces a new threat due to their rivals’ resurgence in power, ultimately leading to another big showdown. But, if you are here, you’re probably wondering: does Takemichi Hanagaki defeat Taiju Shiba in Tokyo Revengers? Here’s everything you need to know about the Christmas Showdown arc.

***Major Spoilers* for the Tokyo Revengers manga ahead***

Does Takemichi Defeat Taiju in Tokyo Revengers? Answered

While Season 2 Episode 2 of the anime showcases a fight between Takemichi and Taiju, the real battle doesn’t begin until Chapter 94 in the manga, when the crew sets up a plan to stop Hakkai from killing his brother. However, the mission goes horribly wrong with yet another betrayal from Kisaki and the defeat of several members. As a result, Takemichi stands against Taiju but does not have the strength to beat him in a physical fight.

Yet, Toman’s First Division Captain proves his worth by bringing the Black Dragons leader to his knees after punching him in the face.

Takemichi and Taiju
Image Source: Screenshot via Ken Wakui and Shonen Jump

Despite not being able to match Taiju’s abilities, Takemichi does hold out long enough for the Invincible Mikey to arrive and save the day. So, even if Hanagaki loses the battle, he eventually wins the war once Shiba has been taken down. On the contrary, you could say that Takemichi defeated Taiju mentally since his determination in battle and willingness to protect his friends inspired the Black Dragons leader to change his violent ways.

In the end, Toman’s rival gang disbands, and Taiju finally leaves his siblings alone to live freely. Nevertheless, you can still expect to see him in future narratives as he makes appearances in the Tenjiku and Kanto Manji arcs.

That does it for our guide on whether or not Takemichi beats Taiju in Tokyo Revengers. While you are here, be sure to explore more content by looking at the relevant links below, including our guide about other Time Leapers.

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