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Does Kobeni’s Family Show Up in Chainsaw Man? Answered

Does Kobeni's Family Show Up in Chainsaw Man? Answered

Does Kobeni’s Family Show Up in Chainsaw Man? Answered

Killing Devils. Hunting Fiends. The family business!

For better or worse, Kobeni is one of the more recognizable characters in Chainsaw Man. A hot mess of fear and anxiety, she personifies the person who took up Devil Hunting for the wrong reasons and understandably got out as soon as she could. Given how entertaining her anxious antics were to see, though, it wouldn’t be surprising that she or her many family members might show up in the latter parts, and a recent character reveal likely left you wondering: Does Kobeni’s family show up in Chainsaw Man?

We had the same question, and after doing some research, we’ve found an answer.

Is Kobeni’s Brother in Chainsaw Man? Answered

The good news — or bad news, depending on how you feel about the character — is that Kobeni’s family does appear to show up in latter parts of the series.

The first one to make an appearance is someone who is likely her brother. While he hasn’t been explicitly stated to be her sibling yet, he carries similar traits and mannerisms to her, such as a pair of moles near his eyes, profuse sweating, and a general dread that is triggered by being caught up in any sort of conflict.

He’s first encountered during the series’ second part. A member of his high school’s Devil Hunting club, he winds up trapped in an Aquarium by the Famine Devil alongside Asa and Denji. Like Kobeni, he dissolves into an anxious wreck the second things go south and serves as a comic relief character amid the more serious storylines playing out.

Are Kobeni’s Sisters or Parents Ever Shown?

As for the other members of Kobeni’s family, they still have yet to make an appearance in Chainsaw Man.

However, it’s likely one or a few of them will show up before the series’ conclusion if Kobeni’s brother is any indication. They’ll more than likely be used in a similar comic relief role and will likely serve as parallels to Kobeni to keep up the running gag of a coward being trapped in Devil-related conflicts.

That’s all we have to share regarding whether or not Kobeni’s family shows up in Chainsaw Man. For more on the series, check out our guides on other topics like who the post-credits scene girl is, who Nayuta is, and whether or not Katana Man is dead. We’ve got plenty of non-guide articles too, which you can peruse down below.

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