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Does Infinity Pool Have a Post-Credits Scene? Answered

Infinity Pool Ending Explained
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Does Infinity Pool Have a Post-Credits Scene? Answered

Is there more to Infinity Pool once the credits roll?

Infinity Pool, the latest film to be directed by Brandon Cronenberg, has been released in theaters, providing audiences with an incredibly unique and wild movie-going experience. So, does this new film have a post-credits scene for viewers to enjoy? Well, if you have this question, then you are in the right place, as Twinfinite has the answer for you.

Does Infinity Pool Have an After-Credits Scene? Answered

The short answer is no, Infinity Pool does not have a post-credit scene, so once the credits start rolling, you are free to leave. Given the polarizing nature of the movie, some people are sure to be glad to get out of the theater as quickly as possible, while others may choose to stick around to contemplate on what exactly they just saw.

It’s interesting to remember that there was once a time when almost no movie had post-credits scenes, but once the MCU popularized the practice, these extra scenes became more of the norm. It’s understandable to see why too, as they get the viewer to watch the entire credits, seeing all of the people whose hard work made the movie they just watched. However, Infinity Pool has nothing after the film’s final moments besides the interestingly stylized end credits, so if you are in a rush, don’t worry about missing anything after the movie.

That is everything you need to know regarding whether or not Infinity Pool has a post-credit scene. Infinity Pool is an experience unlike any other, so if you can handle a movie full of sex and violence, it is certainly worth giving a look at some point.

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