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Destiny 2 January 25 Rollback: What Progress Has Been Lost? Explained


Destiny 2 January 25 Rollback: What Progress Has Been Lost? Explained

Destiny 2 really turned back time on their players.

At this point, it feels like a weekly occurrence when a new bug or glitch appears in Destiny 2. On Tuesday, Jan. 24, Destiny 2 went offline for nearly a full day as it experienced a series of bugs that removed Triumphs, Titles, and more from players’ inventories. To solve this, Bungie performed a Rollback on every player’s account to solve the problem. A lot of people need clarification about what exactly that means, so today, let’s discuss what the Jan. 25th Rollback was and what progress was lost.

What Is a Rollback in Destiny 2? Answered

Destiny 2 Season 19 Vendor
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As mentioned above, Bungie performed a Rollback on every Destiny 2 player’s account to fix the latest bugs that plagued the game. A Rollback is when Bungie reverts everyone’s accounts to a specific time period. In this case, Bungie Rollbacked everyone’s account before the weekly reset, specifically between 8 am and 11 AM EST.

This means that any progress you made after the weekly reset, which was at 12 PM EST, and before Bungie took Destiny 2 offline at 1:30 PM EST, has been lost. For example, if you bought a weapon during that period from a Vendor when the Rollback occurred, it would be as if it never happened.

Otherwise, everything else on your account is all intact with no issues. This is the third time in Destiny 2 history that the game had to be Rollbacked, the first two being in 2020 during Season of the Worthy.

That’s everything you need to know about the Jan. 25 Rollback in Destiny 2. Be sure to check out our latest Destiny 2 guides, like what the best Grenade Launchers are or what the best Sniper Rifles are.

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