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Bioshock 2’s Big Sister: What Are They?

Bioshock 2 Big Sister artwork
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Bioshock 2’s Big Sister: What Are They?

“Daddy, Big Sister doesn’t want you playing with me…”

The world of Bioshock and Rapture introduced fans to many monstrosities created by the fall of civilization. Bioshock 1 introduced players to the Big Daddy and Little Sisters, an inseparable duo capable of demolishing the protagonist if provoked. Bioshock 2 introduced an evolution to the Big Daddy: the Big Sister. Here’s what you need to know about the Big Sistersincluding what they are and a bit of their tragic backstory.

**This guide will contain spoilers on Bioshock 2. If you haven’t played it yet, please come when you have. If you do not care about spoilers, carry on.**

What Is a Big Sister in Bioshock? Explained

As the name implies, the Big Sister is related to the Big Daddyessentially serving as an evolution of the latter. However, they both serve a similar goal of protecting the Little Sisters, although Big Sisters are much stronger and more confrontational in nature as they are the last line of defense for the Little Sisters.

They will attack the player, no questions asked, with increased agility compared to the Big Daddy. You can’t forget to mention they have access to the powers granted through Plasmids meaning they will use telekinetic abilities to throw objects, reflect the player’s Plasmids, or teleport to get out of a pickle. In Bioshock 2, Subject Delta will find itself combatting a few of these, with each confrontation proving to be much deadlier than the last.

Who Is the Big Sister? Answered

Much like how Big Sisters are the evolution of Big Daddies, the former is the next step past the Little Sister. Big Sisters are the older versions of the Little Sisters, who have become unstable due to the nature of Rapture. It also explains why they have access to Plasmids, as they were once ADAM collectors.

Fans of Bioshock know the story of the Little Sisters, little girls who have been reconditioned to collect ADAM from the corpses in Rapture. Following the events of the first game and the actions of the protagonist, Dr. Gil Alexander saw a need for a last line of defense to protect Little Sisters from being harmed. His idea turned into the creation of Big Sisters, which is very sad, to say the least.

That’s all you need to know about Big Sisters and their tragic backstories. Would you kindly be sure to check out our related content down below, as there’ll be plenty of Bioshock content to keep you engaged and satisfied during your stay in Rapture.

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