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Best Internet Browser Games to Play at School

Townscape Scenery: Town Isolated in Water
Image Source: Raw Fury

Best Internet Browser Games to Play at School

Play during your school breaks and not during your classes!

Internet browser games are very accessible to anyone. Even a not-so-decent school laptop can play them with ease. If you enjoy playing these types of titles, here are the best internet browser games to play at school. In-game screenshot
Image Source: Lowtech Studios

If you’re a big fan of the classic snake games on your Nokia 3210, then you’ll surely love Like Classic Snake, you must feed your snake the small dots to grow. The best part of the game is that you’re competing with multiple people on a server. You can’t eat someone bigger than you. You have to outmaneuver them and strategize to catch up to your enemies. is truly a fun time-killer when you’re bored in school.

Counter Strike De_Dust2 in
Image Source: FRVR and Yendis Entertainment

Are you looking to play a solid FPS during your break, but your school blocked them? Well, here’s a good alternative for you. is a multi-platform game that mainly focuses on FPS. Essentially, it’s Roblox on your browser but with many FPS game modes. The community even maintains it by uploading and producing mods that allow you to play game modes such as zombie raids, bunny hopping simulator, and even the classic Dust 2 in Counter-Strike. You’ll definitely want to try out some of the crazy community content that offers.


Menu of Geoguessr
Image Source: Anton Wallén

What’s better than playing a game and learning about different places in the world? Well, Geoguessr takes you on an adventure like never before and challenges players to be familiar with places worldwide. The premise is simple: you’re given a street view image and have to guess which part of the world the image is located in.

Geoguessr challenges your memory and knowledge of iconic locations and hidden ones you may have never even heard of. It also features multiple game modes for single-player and multiplayer. You can even hold tournaments with your friends and have a fun but educative time during school breaks.

Pokemon Showdown

Pokemon Stats
Image Source: Zarel

If you’re a big Pokemon fan, you should try playing Pokemon Showdown. Pokemon Showdown is a browser-based game with an even more competitive take on the series, including Gen 9 ‘mon from Scarlet and Violet. Pokemon Showdown allows you to build your own team from scratch without the hassle of trying to hatch an egg with the most optimal stats or even capturing the creatures.

You can choose which Pokemon goes to your team, which moves they learn, and what items they have while participating against other competitive players in tournaments. If you’re into competitive Pokemon tournaments and PVPs, then you can genuinely hone your skills with this fun battler.


Result in Heardle
Image Source: Spotify

Heardle is a music-guessing title. The game plays a snippet of the song, and you must guess what song is playing. It’s simple, we know, but if you have a passion for music, you’ll surely love it. What we very much adore in this game is that you can explore and listen to artists and songs you’ve not heard of before. Who knows, you might suddenly discover an artist you can easily vibe with, and who doesn’t love finding a new favorite?!


Attempt at Wordle
Image Source: The New York Times (via Twinfinite)

Wordle is a simple yet tricky browser word game. You have six chances to guess a five-letter word. During your first guess, if you have a letter that is colored yellow, then that means that it’s in the wrong position, while green means that it’s in the right one. The biggest catch in Wordle is that you can only play one game per day. If you get it wrong, you’ll have to wait for 24 hours to try and play another puzzle. It’s a fun and challenging title that exercises your brain during school breaks.


Townscaper scenery of huge town
Image Source: Raw Fury

If you’re looking for a relaxing painting game, then Townscaper is for you. In Townscaper, anything goes as you color a given scenery based on your interpretation of the picture. It allows your imaginative juices to flow without stressing your brain, which is the last thing you want during school breaks.

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