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7 Best Genshin Impact Wish Simulators

Image Source: HoYoverse

7 Best Genshin Impact Wish Simulators

Wish upon a star.

Genshin Impact is among the most played games in terms of the number of its players, and as an RPG “gacha” game, it gives you the option to spend real money for more chances to unlock various in-game items. These can be obtained through random pulls that are called “wishes”. However, the most coveted characters and gear that are 4 and 5-star rated have a lower chance of dropping. Wish banners also cost Primogems per use, and it can get increasingly expensive especially when you’ve begun using real money in order to obtain specific items. Thankfully, you can use Wish Simulators to plan ahead.

What Are Genshin Impact Wish Simulators?

Genshin Impact Wish Simulators are fan-made websites and apps that let players wish on banners without Intertwined Fates and Acquaint Fates. As these are not affiliated with HoYoverse, any characters you “win” will of course not be added to your real account.

You can use them just for fun for a quick gacha-induced dopamine hit, or to inform you of just how many Primogems you need to have to enable you to click on Wish until you get your desired character or item.

With this, we’ve compiled the seven best Genshin Impact Wish simulators that you can use, and these emulate the in-game calculations of your chances almost perfectly.

A screenshot of the Wish Simulator App website
Image Source: AguzzTN54

Accessible via its website, emulates the Pity rates in the actual game and also shows you your History which gives you an idea of how much real money you need to spend until you acquire your desired items.

It perfectly simulates the in-game experience as you can pay using your UnReal Wallet to get Genesis Crystals and Primogems, with the exact game design and background music as well. It works smoothly on both mobile and Windows. You can access it on a Mac too, but, the list of the rewards does not display completely using this platform.

Uzair Ashraf’s Wish Simulator

A screenshot from Uzair Ashraf's web-based Genshin Impact Wish Simulator
Image Source: Uzair Ashraf

What makes Uzair Ashraf’s web-based Genshin Impact Wish Simulator among the best is that it lets you track the inventory you have accumulated and gives you an idea of the associated cost if you were to use real money on the game. If you shell out for Primogems to acquire the best Wishes, you can perfectly estimate the probability of your chances using this Wish Simulator as it also shows you how much you need to prepare in order to get your desired outcome.

Click on one of the banner types and choose from a single Wish or 10 Wishes in one go. Then, you can check the results and the total inventory so far, which displays how much money it would have cost you along with the number of Wishes you’ve tried so far.

Miwoju’s Genshin Wish Simulator

A screenshot of the website of Miwoju's Genshin Impact Wish Simulator
Image Source: miwoju

Miwoju’s Genshin Wish Simulator works the same as the others mentioned above. It also enables you to use an unlimited number of Wishes so you can test what your odds will be like in the actual game as much as you’d like.

You can be assured that the creator regularly updates this Wish Simulator with the latest banners and releases but you will have to pay a little to become their supporter first. This gives you the passcode to the website which will give you access to this private Wish Simulator.

Saihou’s Wish Simulator for Genshin

Image Source: saihou

If you prefer to use an Android app, Saihou’s Wish Simulator is perfect for you as it’s totally free and only has opt-in ads. The only downside to this is you can only access it if you have an Android device.

Just like the, this uses realistic Pity rates and animations that are very similar to those in the actual game. It also has every event banner, and it shows you everything you’ve unlocked so far. Also like Uzair Ashraf’s Wish Simulator, you can see how much real money it would’ve cost you so far by clicking on the “i” icon. There’s also a question mark icon that shows you your Pity rates. What’s unique about this app is you can generate a custom amount of wishes up to 2500 with just one tap.

AguzzTN54’s Wish Simulator on GitHub

Image Source: AguzzTN54

The only Wish Simulator on this list that requires installation, this is still worth checking out as the creator breaks down how they tried to emulate the game’s Pity system on the GitHub download page. They also detail all the exciting features it has which you can review before downloading.

This has the same features as the other listed Wish Simulators above with how realistic it is along with the logs that you can access to track your inventory and Pity Counter. What’s best about this is how responsive it is to both landscape and portrait orientation, making it easy to use on both PC and mobile. There’s also a link generator if you’d like to share your gacha result online, and it has all the banners currently available in the game, too.

Silly Wisher

Image Source: sketchi

Silly Wisher for Genshin functions the same way as all the previously mentioned Wish Simulators. It allows you to perfectly simulate the in-game experience of using Wishes, with a History function to show all your pulls so far.

What’s different about this is while it’s an app available for both iOS and Android, you can also mix any 2-4 characters to create mutations. You can then save these mutations to further splice them into even wackier creations. If that’s not enough, you’re then able to battle with your pulled creations and characters. With this app’s lighthearted graphics interface, you will have loads of fun with this tongue-in-cheek Genshin Impact Wish Simulator.

Game8’s Japanese Wish simulator

Image Source: Game8

This web-based Genshin Impact Wish Simulator by Game8 is originally in Japanese. You can translate the whole page to English using Google if you cannot understand kanji. This Wish Simulator does not copy the UI of the actual game at all, but you can essentially do the same thing.

Clicking on “spin the gacha” automatically draws 10 Wishes in one go and shows you the amount of money (in Japanese yen) it would have cost you in real life. The website is also packed with guides for the game, so browse it to your heart’s content for more updated information on the ins and outs of Genshin Impact.

There you have our picks for the best Genshin Impact Wish Simulators you can try out right now. Got another suggestion? Let us know in the comments below.

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