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Best Fallout New Vegas Sex Mods 2023 (Sexy, Nude, Adult Mods)

Fallout: New Vegas sexout mod

Best Fallout New Vegas Sex Mods 2023 (Sexy, Nude, Adult Mods)

Get down and dirty in the Mojave!

Looking for some hot and spicy sex mods for Fallout? Well, if so, have no worries. Here are the best Fallout New Vegas sex mods in 2023 out there that are sure to bring several enhancements into your playthrough.

Warning, adult sensitive content follows.

Nude Ray Gun

Best Fallout New Vegas Sex Mods

Say hello to the Ray Gun 5000. This useful little weapon will remove the clothes from any NPC in New Vegas that you decide to shoot and the results are hilarious and titillating. You can download this New Vegas mod right here.

X-Rated TV Show

This sexy mod places nude photos of female models on all of the bulky televisions that you can find in-game. You can check this one out right here.

Hot Outfits

best fallout new vegas sex mods

There’s not much to say about this one but all you need to know about this mod is that it adds three original prostitute outfits for you to wear in the game. This mod is available to download from Nexusmods.

Sexual Innuendo

best fallout new vegas sex mods

Wandering around the wasteland of a world that Fallout New Vegas takes place in, it can get boring from time to time. This mod adds animated sex scenes between PC, NPCs, and companions that will bring some excitement into your life.

Hot Pool Tables

best fallout new vegas sex mods

Tired of looking at the same two boring ol’ pool tables in Fallout New Vegas? Download this mod from Nexusmods, add it to your game, and voila! You got yourself two new pool tables with pictures of models on them.

Playing Cards

While you explore New Vegas’ world, you can play card games to pass the time. Luckily, you can install this mod to give all of the playing cards some extra heat.

You can download the nude playing cards mod right here.

Vault Girl

Replace the iconic Vault Boy from Fallout with Vault Girl instead. She’ll pop up on your Pip-Boy in all kinds of hot poses and scenarios. You can download this one from Nexusmods right here.


Fallout: New Vegas sexout mod

Sexout is probably the mod you’re looking for if you want to get down and dirty with all manner of different NPCs you’ll encounter across the Mojave. It has various different sex-based animations for all of your X-rated antics.

You can’t just go about bumping uglies with anyone you see, though. You’ll still need to complete a quests, pass a speech challenge or trigger some other in-game activity before the options will become available. Others you can just pay to have some adult fun with them. If you’re looking for the very explicit Fallout New Vegas Sex mod experience, this is a must-download.

Sexout Consequences

Fallout: New Vegas sex mods

Elaborating on the last mod, Consequences essentially opens up new encounters and dialogue options to help you resolve tricky situations by performing some form of sexual act, or have the NPC perform one on you in some cases.

If you’re looking to add some X-rated responses to tricky scenarios then look no further than this mod.

Allnarta’s Sexout Animations

Fallout: New Vegas sexout animations mod

The original Fallout New Vegas Sexout mod has a fair few animations that look a little bit dated by today’s standards. Well, Allnarta from loverslab has come to the rescue by bringing a bunch of new and improved sex-based animations to the Mojave wasteland.

The mod includes two males animations, but also has a centaur, ghoul, supermutant and some threesome animations to boot. There’s also one tentacle animation for those of you that want to get into that.

You can download Allnarta’s Sexout Animations mod here.

For even more adult mods for your favorite games, we have some others for you to check out for GTA V, The Sims 3, and Fallout 4.

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