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Best Dingo LMG Loadout In COD Mobile Season 1 (2023)

Image source: Activision

Best Dingo LMG Loadout In COD Mobile Season 1 (2023)

Cracking the best loadout!

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 ‘Reawakening’ is well underway, and as with the previous iterations, the latest season brings a brand new weapon called the Dingo LMG. It’s a full-auto-light machine gun with a fast firing rate and moderate recoil. Dingo was initially introduced in Black Ops III, and similar to other weapons, you must pair it with the right attachments to get the most out of this firearm. With that said, here’s a detailed rundown of the best Dingo LMG Loadout in COD Mobile Season 1 (2023).

Best Gunsmith Loadout for Dingo LMG in CoD Mobile

Dingo LMG In COD Mobile
Image source: Activision

The best gunsmith loadout for Dingo as per the current CoD Mobile meta is:

  • Barrel: Steel Rain Barrel
  • Underbarrel: Steel Rain Foregrip
  • Rear Grip: Steel Rain Mag
  • Ammunition:: Steel Rain Quickdraw
  • Stock: Steel Rain Stock

As you may expect, the above Dingo LMG loadout improves the overall accuracy, mobility, and range at the cost of weapon control. To start off, we’ve opted for the Steel Rain Foregrip attachment, which improves the ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy.

Next, we’ve decided to equip the Steel Rain Mag for the Rear Grip slot, which increases the overall magazine capacity. For the stock counterpart, Steel Rain Quickdraw will get the job done for you in improving the movement speed while aiming down the sight. As a result, this stock is really convenient for movement while ADS’ing.

How To Get Dingo LMG In COD Mobile

How To Get Dingo LMG In COD Mobile
Image Source: Activision

The only way to unlock the Dingo LMG in COD Mobile Season 1 (2023) is by leveling up your Battle Pass to Tier 21.

It’s worth noting that the Dingo is a part of the battle pass’ free variant. Therefore, players don’t have to spend any real cash in order to unlock it.

However, reaching tier 21 isn’t easy, as it requires players to rack up a massive amount of battle pass XP. So, completing daily missions and participating in seasonal challenges is highly recommended to earn plenty of XP quickly.

So, there you have it. That’s everything you need to know about unlocking COD Mobile’s Dingo LMG loadout in Season 1 (2023). Be sure to check out the rest of our Call of Duty: Mobile coverage below.

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