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All 36 Original Destiny 1 Bosses, Ranked

Ranking Destiny 1 Bosses

All 36 Original Destiny 1 Bosses, Ranked

All of the bosses from the original game, ranked!

36. Valus Ta’aurc

Valus Ta’aurc is the most frustrating boss of Destiny Year One. The developers became much more creative later on, but it didn’t show during this particular fight.

35. Sepkis Prime

Sepkis Prime is just a huge servitor. The whole time you’re making your way to the Devils’ Lair, it’s just to fight a servitor.

34. Aksor, Archon Priest

Aksor, Archon Priest is one powerful bullet sponge. This made for one of the most drawn out fights of Destiny Year One, and prompted players to look for ways where they can just sit and shoot.

33. Restorative Mind

The Restorative Mind uses an interesting mechanic that requires you to move an orb between columns in order to weaken the boss. After that, you realize that you’re just fighting an overgrown Harpy, though.

32. Kaliks Reborn

Kaliks Reborn forced fireteams to keep their eyes open and not rely on hiding in one place, but if you failed to kill certain enemies, the punishment was a drawn-out fight.

31. The Undying Mind

The Undying Mind is a challenge, we’ll grant it that much, but it requires little strategy. As long as you have a lot of bullets, this fight is fairly simple.

30. Qodron, Gate Lord

Qodron manages to be little more than an annoyance before getting to face the real nightmare of the Prison of Elders.

29. Kagoor

Kagoor seems like much more when you first step into the Court, but after taking down the pet Ogre, it’s a straight forward encounter.

28. Gulrot, the Unclean

An ogre with a penchant for slowing things down, Gulrot has your typical weaknesses. As long as you can maintain cover, this boss isn’t anything to write home about.

27. Taniks

Chasing Taniks through his ship was engaging, but he falls short of some of the more creative offerings in Destiny. Still, he is one intimidating son of a gun, and you want to approach him cautiously.

26. Thalnok

Thalnok would’ve placed higher in this ranking if only he brought something a little more original to the table. Still, the challenge of facing a Crota wannabe in a tight space is a good test of skills.

25. Bracus Horu’usk

Bracus Horu’usk won’t give you the time of day until you take out his soldiers. This made for a frantic race against the clock as you faced this intimidating Taken Cabal.

24. Vorlog

Vorlog is the person you fight when you want to feel powerful. A one-on-one fight with a shielded knight is simple but satisfying.

23. The Templar

The Templar kept players fighting over who was taking the relic, and made sure that you brought your best aim. Once the cheese that let players sit on the side was removed, you were forced to face the Templar head on.

22. Valus Trau’ug

Valus Trau’ug had a shield that rotated between burns and some powerful weapons. He was great at keeping you pinned down so his minions could flank you.

21. Cra’adug & Mengoor

You had to keep Cra’adug and Mengoor close to one another in order to put damage on them, making this an even more challenging fight.

20. Urrox, Flame Prince

Urrox is the world champion player of “the floor is lava.” This powerful knight turns up the heat while keeping the pressure on at all times with a boss fight that challenged how players seek cover.

19. Phogoth

Phogoth was frightening even while chained up. Once it broke free, you knew you had to keep it moving or else you’d be crushed.

18. Omnigul

Crota’s right hand, Omnigul, was no joke. Not only did you have to fight her alongside hundreds of enemies, the room was small and cramped allowing for little hiding.

17. Sekrion, Nexus Mind

Sekrion, Nexus Mind caused headaches during Nightfall with its major splash damage. Finding safe zones to hide out and snipe while also dealing with hundreds of Vex was intense.

16. Krughor

Having to use Cursed Thrall as a weapon was an interesting mechanic. Krughor was a powerful menace who needed to be weakened by his own before you could kill him.

15. Lokaar

Lokaar can be a pain on higher tiers of Court of Oryx or if you’re playing solo. A shifting shield and teleporting abilities will keep you on your toes.

14. Ir Yut, the Deathsinger

Ir Yut, the Deathsinger required you to kill her before her song ended. Sounds easy until you realize she locked herself in a small room with a bunch of Knights.

13. Balwur

Destiny has a thing for wizards, especially powerful ones. Balwur loved to keep the floor dangerous and required safe zones to fight.

12. Valus

As if one powerful cabal wasn’t enough, Destiny threw two of them at you during the Shield Brothers Strike with Valus Mau’ual and Valus Tlu’urn.

11. Psion Flayers

Although Psion Flayers are incredibly easy to take down now, these were the most difficult bosses when Destiny first launched. Three powerful Psions covering all three burns made for a tricky encounter.

10. Alzok Dal, Gornuk Dal & Zyrok Dal

The three wizards tested your skill and timing. None were particularly difficult to defeat, but their constant movement made them a pain for slow players.

9. Alak-Hul, the Darkblade

Alak-Hul, the Darkblade is a powerful knight with the ability to teleport. If that wasn’t enough, you had to fight him in a pitch black room.

8. S.A.B.E.R.-2

This was the first of Destiny’s bosses to remove all sense of cover and security. On top of that, S.A.B.E.R.-2 went through several forms.

7. Golgoroth

Easily the ugliest of all of Destiny’s Ogres. Golgoroth needed you to get up close and personal to take him out, as well as some nifty foot work to avoid his powerful attacks.

6. Warpriest

You had only a handful of chances to kill the Warpriest, all while dealing with a constant barrage of enemies and being confined to small spaces. If you couldn’t work as a team, you stood no chance.

5. Crota

Crota, the son of Oryx, was one of the most frightening encounters in The Dark Below. His impenetrable armor, overpowering demeanor, and oversoul meant you needed perfect timing and communication.

4. Ir Anuk & Ir Halak

Ir Anuk and Ir Halak were not difficult to defeat, but the need to be absolutely perfect in your approach made for one of the biggest challenges in the King’s Fall raid.

3. Atheon

The raid boss for the Vault of Glass gave fans a taste of something greater. Nobody gave more headaches than this dimension hopping baddie, and pushing him off of the platform will never be forgotten.

2. Skolas

Skolas is the hardest boss in Destiny Year One. This endgame Kell from the Prison of Elders required your A-Game as you dealt with shifting objectives and a constant threat.

1. Oryx

Oryx, the father of Crota and king of the Taken, is hands down the most technical boss in all of Destiny. Everyone had to know their job and their place and that made this monster such a great boss.

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