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All Flying-Type Pokemon Weaknesses and Counters in Pokemon GO

Image Source: Niantic

All Flying-Type Pokemon Weaknesses and Counters in Pokemon GO

Bring them tumbling back down to the ground!

Flying Pokemon are some of the most annoying you’ll ever face in Pokemon GO. Some of them can dodge your own ‘mon’s skills and even fly away when you are about to catch them, so it’s better to take them down quickly. So, if you’re hunting a flying Pokemon or aiming to fight one, you better come prepared. Put your Fighting, Bug, Grass, and Fairy Pokemon back into their Pokéballs. This article will teach you how to counter the Flying-type in Pokemon GO.

How to Counter the Flying-Type in Pokemon GO

There are three types of Pokemon you can use when facing a Flying-type. You can either use Rock, Electric, or Ice Pokemon. Do note that the majority of the Flying-type Pokemon are dual-type, so you have to be careful what ‘mon you use when battling them because that second type might be the ace up their sleeves.


Image Source: The Pokémon Company

Using Rock to go up against Flying types is a little bit tricky. It’s very common to see Rock-type Pokemon with Ground-type attacks, and Flying-types are immune to Ground-type attacks, so you have to be very careful when using those skills. 

We recommend Mega Aerodactyl with the Rock Throw and Rock Slide move set. Mega Aerodactyl is both Flying and Rock, so you don’t have to worry about the secondary type of the opponent. If you want to go pure rock, you cannot go wrong with Rampardos with Rock slide and Smackdown move set.


Older players will be familiar with this matchup. Pikachu’s thundershock against Pidgey is the best memory for this example. You can still use this Pikachu to take down Flying-type for the nostalgia but if you really want to a tryhard Pokemon and don’t have any legendaries, you can never go wrong with Mega Manectric and Shadow Raikou with the Thunder Fang or Thundershock and Wild Charge move set respectively. If you manage to get Zekrom however, you can feel free to zap them with the Charge Beam-Wild Charge combo.


Image Source: Game Freak

Ice-type Pokemon are the best example of how secondary types can mess up your synergy. Mega Abomasnow and Shadow Mamoswine are the best ice-types out there but you can’t just slam them against Flying Pokemon because of their secondary type. 

Mega Abomasnow is also a grass-type, while Shadow Mamoswine is part ground-type. Although they will definitely hit them hard with their Ice attacks, their secondary type will also be vulnerable to flying attacks. So we recommend Darmanitan as your flying-type counter in the Ice-type category. Darmanitan is a pure ice Pokemon then slap him with Ice Fang and Avalanche and it’ll be freezing your opponent in no time.

That’s all flying-type weaknesses and counters in Pokemon GO you need to know. For more on the game, be sure to check out a selection of our Pokemon GO guides below.

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