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What Time Does Disney Dreamlight Valley Winter Update Go Live? Answered

the time and date of when disney dreamlight valley's winter update goes live
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What Time Does Disney Dreamlight Valley Winter Update Go Live? Answered

Ready for a date with nostalgia?

As an early access title, Disney Dreamlight Valley has been receiving regular updates to both the game’s content as well as patches. The most recent provided players the opportunity to explore Scar’s Kingdom and the Sunlit Plateau, but now it’s onto the Winter update, which features several fan-favorite characters from Toy Story. If you’re interested, then you should be on the up and up on what time Disney Dreamlight Valley’s winter update goes live.

When the Winter Update For Disney Dreamlight Valley Goes Live

The Winter update for Disney Dreamlight Valley will go live on Dec. 6, 2022. You’ll be able to update the game at 9 AM EST.

The Winter update will feature a plethora of content related to the Toy Story franchise, just as the last update focused on The Lion King and Sunlit Plateau. Hop into a new realm set in Bonnie’s room, help Woody and Buzz in new quests, and earn Christmas-themed and Toy Story-themed decorations.

Of course, what would Disney Dreamlight Valley be without new clothing? In addition to decorations, you’ll also be able to pick up outfits styled after Woody and Buzz.

As with any update for Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  1. Save to the Cloud, then close the game down completely (if you use cross-save).
  2. Relaunch the game after the new update is complete.
  3. Save your game before venturing into the new Star path.

There you have it, folks: the exact date and time when Disney Dreamlight Valley’s winter update goes live. For more related guides and questions, learn how to recruit new characters, such as how to get Scar. If you’re new to the Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll find our guide on how to cook and gather ingredients invaluable.

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