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How To Get Longshot Kills in MW2

MW2 Sniper

How To Get Longshot Kills in MW2

Find out what the sweet spot is for all your weapons.

One of the simple pleasures in life for Modern Warfare 2 players are receiving the coveted longshot notification when getting a kill in the traditional multiplayer modes or in Warzone 2.0. But most players are usually surprised by this notification and are unsure of the distances that count towards longshot kills. Because many cameos and challenges are connected to longshot distance kills, it’s pretty advantageous that MW2 players are aware of the general distances they should strive for when chasing LD kills. So with all of that being said, what are the longshot distance ranges in MW2?

All Modern Warfare 2 Longshot Distances

All of the distances have been listed individually, from longest to shortest, right down below:

  • Sniper Rifles: 55 meters
  • Assault Rifles: 40 meters
  • Battle Rifles: 40 meters
  • Light Machine Guns: 40 meters
  • Marksman Rifles: 40 meters
  • Sub Machine Guns: 35 meters
  • Handguns: 20 meters
  • Shotguns: 15 meters

Naturally, the map, mode, and the attachments you place on your weapon will have an impact on how many longshots kills you earn within a match. Every game of MW2 is unpredictable, but knowing the ranges to aim for can allow you to make smarter plans and set yourself up for success.

For example, if you’re playing a map with large sight lines and open space, you may want to work on your LD kills with your sniper rifles, while the opposite can be true for close-quarters maps that encourage a more run-and-gun playstyle.

There are also the Angel 40 4.8X and Xten Angel -40 sights that tell you the distance your bullets will go in real time while aiming down the sights. Unlocking these sights is fairly simple and requires only one or two matches with their respective guns.

Taking the deployable field upgrade into battle is also another way to increase the number of LD kills you earn because you can mount your weapon anywhere on the battlefield and instantly increase your accuracy while being a harder target to hit.

With the Season 1 reloaded update releasing Dec. 14, 2022 there’s bound to be even more challenges, weapons, modes, and even the return of the fan-favorite map Shipment. Call of Duty’s first raid also arrives with this big update, so you’ll want to know as much information as possible in regards to completing the grind of unlocking cameos and completing MW2’s many challenges.

That is everything you need to know about what are the longshot distance ranges in MW2. For more on the game, be sure to check out all the related guides we’ve got for you down below.

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