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How to Unlock the Master Armorer in The Witcher 3


How to Unlock the Master Armorer in The Witcher 3

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When playing an RPG, there’s one question that always pops up in every gamer’s mind: where do I get the best armor in the game, and CDPR’s beloved RPG is no exception. The process is quite long-winded and involved discovering the master armorer and having him craft you some top-tier gear. Let’s break down exactly how to unlock the master armorer in The Witcher 3 so you can get on your way.

Unlocking the Master Armorer in The Witcher 3 Explained

As alluded to already, the path to acquiring that mastercrafted armor is not an easy one, and I recommend attempting this quest at a minimum level of 20. To start the master armorer quest, first, you need to actually find him. He’s located at Crow’s Perch in Velen, and you kick this quest off by talking to him and asking about mastercrafted armor.

Fergus the dwarf will then tell you that it is indeed possible to make such high-tier armor, but he’ll need the tools from Undvik’s legendary forge. The forge is located in Skellige, so make your way there next.

Follow the quest marker on your map and you’ll soon find yourself at an abandoned forge. However, a very strong level 26 Troll guards the forge. And yeah, you have to kill it before the game allows you to pick up the master tools. Cast Quen as soon as the battle starts, and keep an eye out for its swipes.

After you’ve killed the Troll, grab the tools and head back to Crow’s Perch. Hand the tools over to the dwarf and ask if he can make you the mastercrafted armor. However, before Fergus can promise anything, a group of soldiers march up to the forge and demand that the dwarf forges armor strong enough to stop crossbow bolts.

At this point, it will be revealed that it is actually the dwarf’s human helper who’s the real artisan. Yonna will express her displeasure at Fergus always claiming credit for her work and she’ll decide to forge a suit of armor of her own. To achieve this, Yonna needs you to bring gland acid from an Archgriffin. The Archgriffin is significantly tougher than the Royal Griffin you faced in the game’s prologue, but the pattern remains pretty much the same.

Aside from its new ability to spit acid at Geralt while airborne, its other attacks have not changed. Watch out for its front swipes and charge attack, abuse the roll button, and use Quen whenever the effect runs out. After defeating the Archgriffin, loot its body for the trophy and the acid before reporting back to Yonna.

Yonna and Fergus will each make a suit of armor for the soldiers. However, Yonna will require a volunteer to help test out her armor. Have Geralt agree, and the soldiers will proceed to start shooting bolts at you. Yonna will prove that her armor is indeed superior to the dwarf’s and she’ll craft the badass Witch Hunter armor for Geralt.

And that’s that. After collecting the Witch Hunter armor, you’ll have completed the quest and unlocked the master armorer in The Witcher 3. For more on the game, check out our wiki, and do read our original review if you haven’t already done so.

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