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Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone – Avid Collector Quest Guide


Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone – Avid Collector Quest Guide

I think they misspelled Van Gogh…

During the Hearts of Stone main quest, Open Sesame, Geralt will have the opportunity to talk to three wealthy individuals. Each of these individuals has an activity for our white-maned hero to participate in. One of these activities leads to an extra side quest; here’s an Avid Collector Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone quest walkthrough if you’re looking for some guidance.

Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone Avid Collector Quest Walkthrough

Yaromir, the art enthusiast also partaking in the auction, can be found admiring the paintings as everyone waits for the auction to begin. If you approach him and say that you do know a bit about art, he will test you. There are five paintings on the wall and he wants you to identify which one was painted by the esteemed artist he names. The correct answer is the portrait of the merchant.

He is so astounded that you do, in fact, know your art that he apologizes and offers a bit of advice for you during the auction. There will be a painting by Van Rogh, an up-and-coming artist. You can purchase the painting for a relatively low price and sell it to a man in Novigrad that will pay a handsome fee for it.

After Yaromir shares this morsel of info, Vivaldi will ask about it. If you share the info, he will try to outbid you, causing you to pay triple the price of what you could’ve gotten it for. If you don’t tell Vivaldi, you can get the painting in question, Starry Night, for 20 Crowns. That will jump up to 60 if you decide to share with your friend.

Once you acquire the painting and you’re all done with this portion of the Open Sesame quest, head on over to Novigrad where you can go to Marcus Hodgson’s bookshop. This is the person who is dying to acquire that painting. How much does he want it? Well, he pays you 500 Crowns and gives you a Relic Trophy to place on Roach for a nice little perk. Definitely no small chunk of change.

The ability to spend 20 Crowns and win a cool 500 doesn’t come very often in Hearts of Stone, nor the base game. Actually, it never comes around, so definitely make sure to capitalize on this opportunity.

That does it for our Avid Collector Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone quest walkthrough. For more guides, tips, tricks, features, and info on The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone, be sure to check out our wiki. It’s worth noting that we have a full Open Sesame quest guide if you’re interested.

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