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Lesser Antidote in Ark, Explained

what lesser antidotes are used for in ark survival evolved
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Lesser Antidote in Ark, Explained

Breaking down the use of Lesser Antidotes in Ark Survival Evolved.

Ark Survival Evolved features a plethora of items outside of combat, protection, and building. As you push further into more dangerous territories, you’ll discover that a good weapon isn’t enough—consumables, like food and potions, are valuable, too, if not essential. One of the best examples of this is the crafting of Lesser Antidotes. You’ve come to the right place if you needed Lesser Antidotes in Ark explained.

What Lesser Antidotes Are Used For in Ark Survival Evolved? Answered

In Ark Survival Evolved, Lesser Antidotes can be used to cure a variety of status effects you can and will come across in the game. Drinking one will cure Swamp Fever, Gnashed, Mega Rabies, the venom of the Dilophosaurus, and provide immunity to Noglin.

While the venom of the Dilophosaurus isn’t life-threatening, the other status effects are; Swamp Fever, for example, drastically reduces your stats, whereas Gnashed and Mega Rabies depletes your health over time. In other words, having a Lesser Antidote could save your life.

What’s equally important is the 3-minute buff you receive from drinking a Lesser Antidote. For the duration of the buff, you are completely immune to the aforementioned status effects. This makes it incredibly useful for preventing ailments as much as it is curing, especially in PVP, where players use Noglins.

Now that Lesser Antidotes in Ark Survival Evolved are explained to you, are you having trouble with other mechanics? If you’re still new to the game, learning how to craft should be your first step. Once you’ve mastered that, try your luck at taming Therizinosaurus in Ark Survival Evolved; not only is it deadly, but exceptional at retrieving materials like Fiber.

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