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Is Chainsaw Man on Netflix?

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Is Chainsaw Man on Netflix?

Has Netflix made a contract with the Hype Devil?

If you are even slightly interested in anime, you will have no doubt caught wind of the fall season standout, Chainsaw Man (unless you’ve been living under a Rock Devil). The bloody, gritty adventures of Denji and his colleagues have generated a level of buzz that comes along rarely in this industry, leaving those on the outside with a serious case of FOMO. But where can you catch this smash hit? Is Chainsaw Man on Netflix?

Can You Watch Chainsaw Man on Netflix in America?

Anime licensing is actually something of a complex beast, with different parties vying for a piece of the pie across various regions. As of the time of writing, Chainsaw Man is only available on the Japanese version of Netflix.

Those in the US with a hankering for exquisite brutality will have to seek out alternative options. For American audiences, the current platforms featuring Chainsaw Man are Crunchyroll and Hulu. The first three episodes can be viewed on Crunchyroll without a premium account. Hulu requires an account to view its content, though it does offer a limited-time free trial for new users.

Availability outside of the US varies from region to region and is subject to change. The wide availability of Crunchyroll makes it the safest bet, though the use of a VPN may broaden the range of platforms to those who are interested.

Now that you know whether Chainsaw Man is on Netflix, you can begin plotting your next move! You can find out the top anime dropping in 2023 you won’t want to miss or unearth the rogue’s gallery with our list of every Devil we’ve seen in Chainsaw Man.

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